Friday, July 28, 2006

Harro Harro....

Niaje, what's goody, asalaam aleikum, walapa! I'm sending a Katyusha rocket to where you at with some love. Can I get a raah, raaah!!

This blog will be for some regular rants, trying to connect with peeps from the Grand Jamhuri, music (and kenyan music) in general, plus I'm trying to find someone to hook me up with some kunde to go with this western hemisphere sembe and mushy nyaks....

Oh yeah, that up there is a cover of a mixtape I dropped earlier in the year. Rugged Street music of the rap or reggae persuasion is something I enjoy. My idea of a romantic evening might include some Wu-tang hewas. Or some Capleton. I mean I've got r&b and soul on lock too but a gutter rap joint or a rude tune is my first inclination. Don't worry ladies, I'm accomodating. I pull out the D'Angelo to keep things easy. It has to be Brown Sugar though
, he haribud Voodoo kidogo doing that naked thing.

Anyways, I'm djing, producing, managing some artists here in exile and making some music of my own as you can find out here.

It's Furahiday so you must excuse me as I fanya other things. Enjoy yourselves.

Ningependa kutumeko salamu kem kem to my main man Kama, the boy Kallous, the whole INF, Smalls, Heist Int., my brethren and sisteren doing their thing and you, oh most wonderful reader of the blog. Give yourself more than a pat on the back, kiss yourself...

I keed, I keed.


Msanii_XL said...

My idea of a romantic evening might include some Wu-tang hewas...ha ha ha

welcome to this here bloggin

nick said...

welcome to this here land of addictive blogging

i have a feeling that u and msanii will hit it off

makanga said...

Lol I don't know why I ain't mention it to you jana Msanii. I'm bloggin, fool!!

It's not addictive yet but I know it will get that way, hehehe.

Not yet though. It's Summer and there's all kinds of things going on the games of Kajiwe get pretty serious when you have some money on it.

Valedon said...

niaje, welcome aboard!

akiey5 said...

Makanga, what's up & what's popping man, welcome to Blogland and keep bringing us the vybe.
Great to see you on blog as well, will keep checking back.
Now that mixtape you got up there I have to give it a listen. Sounds like you got good stuff cooking.