Monday, August 28, 2006


(Formerly Peter Dawo Bites)

A delectable delight.

The finest sun-dried Omena, busaa-soaked Simsim, Pearl Omega extract and Sony-grown molasses in the middle.

Coated with the perfect blend of Ivorian Cocoa and Tilapia Oil on the outside.

Guaranteed to boost your IQ by 10% with daily recommended consumption.*

It gives you the runs you say, well run with it.**

Are you a punk or an Omera?

The snack of choice for Footballers, Scientists, Laywers, Benga Bandleaders and Senators.***

*Daily recommended usage: 7 Bars in 13 hours. Statement not validated by Kenya Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education or Gilbert Deya Ministries.

85% of all consumers report stomach discomfort leading to severe mharo, to which any omera/omeraette will build resistance after a few days of consuming snacks. HIV status reversal to negative also reported by 3.8%.

*** That's right, Jengs all up in this bitch, who wan romp wit' us?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Trez

Mocha dropped the news first, but spread the word. Download the Watu Wangu Mixtape Vol 2. Presented by Sir Prestige and mixed by the legendary DJ Edu. Watu Wangu is a network of young talented aspiring Kenyan recording artists, producers and DJs based, operating and/or currently residing in the UK. The mixtape features music by Levysill, Nannoma, Wawesh and Tapelli among others.

This weekend I'll pitch in with some pop/r&b/afro artist links with roots in the Mamaland. These are their myspace pages, which have a quick selection of tracks, in some cases downloadable.

Jabali Afrika. They've been keeping their profile high on the world music scene doing the Festival circuit in US and Canada. A new album is on the way.

Shu. Harvard/Oxford trained Rhodes Scholar (and Busherian) who is doing big things independently as singer/songwriter in the R&B/Soul vein. Apparently they love him in Japan.
Once Again is my shizzit. He dropped an album last year to warm reviews and also was a Grand Prize winner of The John Lennon Songwriter Award.

Qita. Building buzz on the East Coast. Based in Massachussets (aka New Muranga).
Ready For You is as cool as a fan...on a hot Mogadishu afternoon.

Karis. Guitarist out in the West Coast working with Jazz outfit Vega, as well as his own gospelly stuff and session work. He has worked with some interesting folks.

Julia (Kesha). Out in the West Coast dropping some gospel-influenced jewels.

Ida Onyango. The 2006 Kisima Awards Boomba Female artist of the year. Also Cali based.

Miriam Chemoss. Based out of New York. Previously seen in a Levi Commercial. Modelling, theatre, singing etc. Getting it in.

Jaqee. Ugandan based in Sweden. She's involved with kenyan rapper/producer Wawesh
through BLaO Ent. Check out The Way you Make me Feel.

Joy Denalane. German Southafrican who just dropped her second album. She worked with notable members of the Philly Soul movement as well as respected US rappers on this one which is in English. The first one I guess was in German and was popular there. Pretty good stuff, although her page dishes out only snippets.

Blackrose. Out in Norway by way of Bongo. Her stuff is techno/electronica.

And Jigga disses Kenya on his world tour.


Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our Son in Kissum Siti!!

Aug 25th 2006
8:00 PM till late


Featuring Performances by:

Princess Jully
D.O. Misiani
Dola Kabarry
Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
Kenge Kenge
Achieng Abura
and more...

All Senator Beer at Half Praiss!!!
Free Ngege appetissa for first 50 patrons.

Our Son Obama has said he won't be theya but we sall have a full portrait of him chilling in the VIP for photo ops.

This event is for the Fantabulous Human Species of Jaluo origin only.
ID check and on-the-spot Jaluo Lingo test will be in effect.

All light-skinned brothas and sistas muss bring bath satifiket and signed affidavits from four true blooded Jaluos validating their authentisiti as Jaluos to gain admission.

500 sillings a head.

Dress to impress. Straw hats are a must.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Watermelons Sneakers & Double Barrels

Vipi wazeiya, I hope things are cool.

(All links subject to change)

Msanii beat me to the punch a threw up some myspace and other web links to various african hiphoppas y'all should be aware of. Please go visit and enjoy some homegrown rap music. It's a good thing he's on the job. I've been bizzay nikihangaika na kuhustle. I'll still be throwing up links soon but for now Msanii got the goods.

Check out Mocha for a whole selection of videos from k.e and Bongo.

Who would've thought the day would come. NY Knicks star guard Stephon Marbury recently launched his Starbury sneaker line. Doesn't seem like a big deal, all notable athletes drop a shoe or two in their career. Stephon did the unimaginable thing and made his shoes real $15.00 cheap. And they were only available at Steve & Barry's sports & apparel stores in New York City. The rush in the city was serious this weekend. They are now selling on eBay for upwards of $50 as sneaker collecters swoop in.

Shaq is the only other hooper that has unleashed a relatively cheap sneaker. Which is the main reason why Shaq is cool in my books. Marbury has said he will be playing in his shoe. Some folks are wondering about the quality of the shoe. There's something Nike doesn't want you to know.... their shoes cost just as much to make as the Starburys except they throw a swoosh or a jumpman on it, spend a grip on advertising and endorsement trying to get you to buy them and demand $180 for a pair.

Don Cheadle is putting in work with serious movies. He is portraying a famous Washington DC area TV & Radio personality and Black activist, the Late Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene. Check out some rare footage to get a glimpse of the real Petey. He goes on and on about watermelons and about being yourself. Classic. Taraji P. Henson (oooh weee!), Cedric The Entertainer and Vondie Curtis-Hall also star in that flick. Will Smith is also doing another human interest picture out this Christmas, peep the trailer.

To my ladies what would you do with a brutha with this problem? Gives the term threesome a different spin, doesn't it?


Friday, August 11, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: part deuce

So it's been wild in blogville the past few days. More political drama at home with rumors of a snap election, explosives in bottles in the UK, bigotry against a young black man in SA and that dark/light skin vybe.

The current conflict in the Middle East is to some extent a proxy war: US/West behind Israel and Iran/Syria behind Hezbollah. At least that what it looks like. No one is talking about the new superpower on the come-up.
China. Makes you wonder if they're just quiet spectators.

Take heart Archer. And please don't fall for that 'I wish I didn't venture outside' mess. So what, like Mobb Deep said a long time ago, it's a war going on outside.

Most of us who creep behind enemy lines (aka you're not in the Jamhuri) have experienced something of the sort. When you ingia a bar and the place goes quiet like when the bad guys stroll into a saloon in a cowboy flick. Then they're double checking ID, they won't let you start a tab and generally wait to pick on something petty to toss you out. Like if a song comes on and someone in the crew seems to be overenjoying himself/herself. Ati you're making the "other" clients "uncomfortable." It's like we missed the "Shhh! Yoga class" sign on the way in.

Well one time a few years ago a friend of mine was tossed down a long flight of stars at a major club in a downtown area for looking at a white bouncer funny. I'm saying, if your kisogo is shaped ka corner ya njugu karanga, and then it's stuck to the body of a buffalo, what do you expect? This is why I prefer rolling deep to nighspots that are not necessarily "black hangouts" because we hopped on that bouncer and rode his ass (no homo) down the stairs after my friend. Sure, there was a disturbing the peace charge involved because this was downtown, there were police everywhere. But at least the message had been sent to Mr. Odiero with 'roid-rage and Black hate, and on some level we had upheld our dignity.

Civil Group actions especially in the States have turned to farces, an opportunity for certain leaders to grab the spotlight. The biggest issue with the NAACP has been that G.W. Bush had been dissing them since 2000 for not
showing up to their conventions. Why do they need him to show up so badly? Meanwhile the Voting Act in the US is not permanent. Bush just recently extended the right to vote by another 25 years. How come voting is not an automatic right for ethnic minorities and ex-cons? Meanwhile, there are all kinds of young men shot dead by police under dubious circumstances where I'm at, and their own mothers do more than the NAACP or the Urban League or any other civil groups in the quest for justice. Around here, the Urban League jamaas are known for being big ballers more than anything else.

And as far as the dark skin/light skin definition of beauty I'm going to let that pass for now. Acolyte thanks for spreading the word on the disgrace asian women are put through in the human hair trade.

It's a big Jamaican Parade weekend out here. I will be backstage at the Afro-Caribbean Festival with my bade. And these jamaas too. All work and all play, it's time to promote heavily mitaani and network.

A chill Members day and weekend, au sio?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

TV interviews, weaves & gangsters

So after the heatwaves of a few weeks past, things got popping. August is always a month with mob plot where I'm at. Chalk it up to the Caribbean festivities that heat up all the way into early September. I figure people also realize there is one more month of true sunshine and leisure left, and so go all out to enjoy themselves. The macks come out in full effect. I heard Toronto's Karibana Festival was a blast. I didn't fika, I was at big african picnic. It's always a blessing to go to these things in the summer. All kinds of dressed up (and dressed down) bodacious mamas to keep things exciting.

So they are still warring in Middle East. A lot of what is on TV is carefully crafted propaganda, but check out how George Galloway airs out a SKY News anchor about the whole situation. Hilarious.

Also check out this article that puts more perspective on the current conflict.

To my ladies who feel like having long hair is the only way to look fly, check out what really goes down to those asian women that supply that highly expensive human hair, not that "made in India stuff."

Denzel's new movie, "American Gangster" is based on this jamaa. It's kind of a long read, pole. Forget the movie, we need a book.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: part wahed

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

A few thangs off the Christina Aguilera Album Back to Basics. (Links subject to disappear)

Part of the album was produced by DJ Premier, one of the greatest hip-hop producers dead or alive (he also produced her current single, Aint No Other Man). Which naturally is why I'm even bothered to seek out these hewas. Under normal circumstances I would be ducking the other way from a Aguilera CD, vidoles in my ears like..."lalalalalala....I can't hear you....."

Premier brings the signature stripped down boom bap sound he's respected for while Miss Dirrty plays second fiddle vizuri. It may be the boldest thing in Pop music this year. I'm curious to see how this album does. I'm not necessarily floored by these tracks but what kind of man would I be if I didn't share.

Anyhoo, enjoy:

Intro (Back to Basics)

Slow Down Baby

Back in the Day

Still Dirrty

A slammin Members Day & Caribana Weekend to you all.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She's Mighty Mighty!! And Some music leaks.

First....asanteni for the warm words of welcome from kila mtu.


Big Black Sista Syndrome

A New York Times piece about how the advertising industy in the US has been typecasting the big boned mamas as sassy, aggressive, overbearing, play-no-games Lordesses of Doom. (The link is subject to change)

Of course it is also related to black folk like Tyler Perry, Monique , Martin, Queen Latifah and 'em who create large woman personas (Madea, Big Momma House, Bringing Down the House etc) that become popular and acceptable with both black and non-black audiences. But in the advertising game most of the writers, casting and shooting directors are jungus.

So while as black people we might be enjoying their antics on some "get 'em girl" tip, the rest of them may actually be laughing at the character on some "that crazy black woman" mess that they translate into how they deal with black people. Especially when they run into a big boned sista.

Similar thing in Hollywood where black men are usually typecast as the aggressive goons carrying beef to the nth degree. They don't really have to because that perception is prevalent in regular life without them having to put it out there. Have you ever had a white woman clutch her purse to her chest and cross the street just because you're walking her way? But by the same token, black people are also holding on hard to that gangsta persona and pushing it through their own art and way of life.

Sassy big black women existed before they became advert darlings and so did the thugs. I feel it's a matter of balance. Overrepresentation is the poison. Have the sweater wearing middle class Cosbys and the ghetto Wayans brothers; have sleek Garcelle Beauvais with the plus sized Pine Sol Lady. Mchanganyo.

While it's a issue with a lot of grey areas, it's still something to think about.


Hewas for that ass

Mwafrika & Muki Garang Present The mixtape.
Under advisement that I will tandika y'all with the fierceness of a hungry GSU kurutu, I order you to download it here and listen to it daily for a month straight.

Mwaf is prominent for his work promoting that good kenyan rap music at YFM (which he just left), and setting up the monthly Hip hop Nite. Muki is a poet/rapper/activist doing his thing and they have collaborated to bring you some freestyles and original music. A full review is coming. Niwacheni, I'm still doing my month of listening.....

Msanii has a link to a hiphop Ep for download from some West Coast cats. Straight boom-bap. A lot of political and cultural musing going on on that joint, as well as bashing of a certain Durty Souf movement, lol. There is a very enjoyable Lupe Fiasco remix on there too.

Saigon is one of those being dubbed the New New York, rappers from the Rotten Apple everyone is hoping to bring the East Coast back. Peep another leak. Just Blaze is supervising his album which comes out on Blaze's label, Fort Knox next year. Frankly I'm over rappers lamenting about how bland or horrible other rappers are. We know, the rest of them are foko jembes... sawa. Just unleash some good hewas. Fortunately Saigon goes light on the whining and speaks his piece. (3/5)

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have a hit on their hands. Last month Jive leaked Sexyback which was horrible to me. On the other hand,
My love, is undeniable. As soon as I heard it I imagined Aaliyah on the beat or better yet, Ginuwine. Ginuwine would destroy this. T.I is on the track too, pending clearance from his label. A forgettable verse from him though. I give it a 4/5.

But by the time this gets to radio though I'll be tired of it.

Sorry folks, it's tagged up pretty badly for copy protection but still listen

Timbaland has been talking about doing more pop records and less rap, which I think is his forte anyway. The one pop artist he needs to get with asap is Usher.

You want to check out some Bay Area rap? Check out up and coming Kaz Kyzah. Free mixtape download here. He handles some of those beats decently.