Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our Son in Kissum Siti!!

Aug 25th 2006
8:00 PM till late


Featuring Performances by:

Princess Jully
D.O. Misiani
Dola Kabarry
Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
Kenge Kenge
Achieng Abura
and more...

All Senator Beer at Half Praiss!!!
Free Ngege appetissa for first 50 patrons.

Our Son Obama has said he won't be theya but we sall have a full portrait of him chilling in the VIP for photo ops.

This event is for the Fantabulous Human Species of Jaluo origin only.
ID check and on-the-spot Jaluo Lingo test will be in effect.

All light-skinned brothas and sistas muss bring bath satifiket and signed affidavits from four true blooded Jaluos validating their authentisiti as Jaluos to gain admission.

500 sillings a head.

Dress to impress. Straw hats are a must.


tanyanedmcw said...


This ain't faaaair!!
Okay I'll be there in spirit.

Nakeel said...

LMAO Makanga thats just the Odhis kabisa but do I say I cant dare step closer for I will be told to get the affidvs...

Half 'n' half said...

OOOO shacks, and me here in sudan with my straw hat............... We kenyans are really deaperate for a hero no?

You forgot divas of the lake or lakeside divas ( or whatever their name is)

mshairi said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wishing you a good weekend, Makanga.

Makanga said...

@ Adhis - They sent me the bulletin to post up but refused to make an exception for me. Not fair....

@ Nakeel - I didn't tell you this... but the affidavits can be gotten for cheap. I've got a Kuyo connect.

@ Half n' Half - Hero worship is the world's new religion. I don't think we are starved for heroes. We diss Ojwang Hatari, Dedan Kimathi, etc. It's just that this jamaa has breathed Hawaaian air, and sits in the US Senate....he's sspessial!!

I know about the Divas of The Nile, maybe they're special suprise performers...

@Mshairi and the rest... thanks for popping in and a good weekend to y'all.

Kagz said...

Dude, you is F-I-R-E-D!!!

Me LOL...yaani umenichekesha sana!

Check out my blog to see "Kenya Only's" comment to "Attenson All Luos"

Have a great weekend na uhakikishe utaji-enjoy vilivyo!

The Rendezvous said...

Tis is serious...

Whatever rocks them but jaluos are real..With the Gidigidi flavas..they rock

gishungwa said...

heh! you forgot jack nyadundo the real star. Loved the post had me all cracked up thanks dude