Friday, August 25, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Trez

Mocha dropped the news first, but spread the word. Download the Watu Wangu Mixtape Vol 2. Presented by Sir Prestige and mixed by the legendary DJ Edu. Watu Wangu is a network of young talented aspiring Kenyan recording artists, producers and DJs based, operating and/or currently residing in the UK. The mixtape features music by Levysill, Nannoma, Wawesh and Tapelli among others.

This weekend I'll pitch in with some pop/r&b/afro artist links with roots in the Mamaland. These are their myspace pages, which have a quick selection of tracks, in some cases downloadable.

Jabali Afrika. They've been keeping their profile high on the world music scene doing the Festival circuit in US and Canada. A new album is on the way.

Shu. Harvard/Oxford trained Rhodes Scholar (and Busherian) who is doing big things independently as singer/songwriter in the R&B/Soul vein. Apparently they love him in Japan.
Once Again is my shizzit. He dropped an album last year to warm reviews and also was a Grand Prize winner of The John Lennon Songwriter Award.

Qita. Building buzz on the East Coast. Based in Massachussets (aka New Muranga).
Ready For You is as cool as a fan...on a hot Mogadishu afternoon.

Karis. Guitarist out in the West Coast working with Jazz outfit Vega, as well as his own gospelly stuff and session work. He has worked with some interesting folks.

Julia (Kesha). Out in the West Coast dropping some gospel-influenced jewels.

Ida Onyango. The 2006 Kisima Awards Boomba Female artist of the year. Also Cali based.

Miriam Chemoss. Based out of New York. Previously seen in a Levi Commercial. Modelling, theatre, singing etc. Getting it in.

Jaqee. Ugandan based in Sweden. She's involved with kenyan rapper/producer Wawesh
through BLaO Ent. Check out The Way you Make me Feel.

Joy Denalane. German Southafrican who just dropped her second album. She worked with notable members of the Philly Soul movement as well as respected US rappers on this one which is in English. The first one I guess was in German and was popular there. Pretty good stuff, although her page dishes out only snippets.

Blackrose. Out in Norway by way of Bongo. Her stuff is techno/electronica.

And Jigga disses Kenya on his world tour.



mocha! said...


Cool links and we should definately spread the word.

I will be enjoying the carnival for you and all that couldn't be there. Keep checking blog and YouTube for highlights.


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