Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She's Mighty Mighty!! And Some music leaks.

First....asanteni for the warm words of welcome from kila mtu.


Big Black Sista Syndrome


A New York Times piece about how the advertising industy in the US has been typecasting the big boned mamas as sassy, aggressive, overbearing, play-no-games Lordesses of Doom. (The link is subject to change)

Of course it is also related to black folk like Tyler Perry, Monique , Martin, Queen Latifah and 'em who create large woman personas (Madea, Big Momma House, Bringing Down the House etc) that become popular and acceptable with both black and non-black audiences. But in the advertising game most of the writers, casting and shooting directors are jungus.

So while as black people we might be enjoying their antics on some "get 'em girl" tip, the rest of them may actually be laughing at the character on some "that crazy black woman" mess that they translate into how they deal with black people. Especially when they run into a big boned sista.

Similar thing in Hollywood where black men are usually typecast as the aggressive goons carrying beef to the nth degree. They don't really have to because that perception is prevalent in regular life without them having to put it out there. Have you ever had a white woman clutch her purse to her chest and cross the street just because you're walking her way? But by the same token, black people are also holding on hard to that gangsta persona and pushing it through their own art and way of life.

Sassy big black women existed before they became advert darlings and so did the thugs. I feel it's a matter of balance. Overrepresentation is the poison. Have the sweater wearing middle class Cosbys and the ghetto Wayans brothers; have sleek Garcelle Beauvais with the plus sized Pine Sol Lady. Mchanganyo.

While it's a issue with a lot of grey areas, it's still something to think about.


Hewas for that ass

Mwafrika & Muki Garang Present The mixtape.
Under advisement that I will tandika y'all with the fierceness of a hungry GSU kurutu, I order you to download it here and listen to it daily for a month straight.

Mwaf is prominent for his work promoting that good kenyan rap music at YFM (which he just left), and setting up the monthly Hip hop Nite. Muki is a poet/rapper/activist doing his thing and they have collaborated to bring you some freestyles and original music. A full review is coming. Niwacheni, I'm still doing my month of listening.....

Msanii has a link to a hiphop Ep for download from some West Coast cats. Straight boom-bap. A lot of political and cultural musing going on on that joint, as well as bashing of a certain Durty Souf movement, lol. There is a very enjoyable Lupe Fiasco remix on there too.

Saigon is one of those being dubbed the New New York, rappers from the Rotten Apple everyone is hoping to bring the East Coast back. Peep another leak. Just Blaze is supervising his album which comes out on Blaze's label, Fort Knox next year. Frankly I'm over rappers lamenting about how bland or horrible other rappers are. We know, the rest of them are foko jembes... sawa. Just unleash some good hewas. Fortunately Saigon goes light on the whining and speaks his piece. (3/5)

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have a hit on their hands. Last month Jive leaked Sexyback which was horrible to me. On the other hand,
My love, is undeniable. As soon as I heard it I imagined Aaliyah on the beat or better yet, Ginuwine. Ginuwine would destroy this. T.I is on the track too, pending clearance from his label. A forgettable verse from him though. I give it a 4/5.

But by the time this gets to radio though I'll be tired of it.

Sorry folks, it's tagged up pretty badly for copy protection but still listen

Timbaland has been talking about doing more pop records and less rap, which I think is his forte anyway. The one pop artist he needs to get with asap is Usher.

You want to check out some Bay Area rap? Check out up and coming Kaz Kyzah. Free mixtape download here. He handles some of those beats decently.


nick said...

hmmm i wonder if this is msanii as well

LOL at she's mighty mighty just lettin it all hung out she's a brick..house

i must say them characters are usually fun to watch...esp queen latifah at the door step in bringin down the house all smiley and shakey and with it

Dont get me started wit monique she is big and beautiful wit tude!

Msanii_XL said...

nick stop spreadin lies...

Monique is irritating as hell, loath the woman.


what up Infidel?

makanga said...

All smiley and shakey....nicko it sounds like you're in love over there.

And no, this aint no Msanii double. Put it you like this: If you haven't noticed, Msanii's blog is like an apartment in Kileleshwa and mine's a servant quarter in Umoja.

@ Msanii....aint a damn thing pimping, just laying low.

akiey said...

C'mon KBW, "Lighters up in the air", it's a small world and I sensed Msanii must know Infidel & vice versa.
lol! @ the Kile vs Servant's Quarter comparison.
Btw, thanks for the Mwaf-Muki link, I got it from my man Msanii & yep, that mix is off the hinges, no doubt!

Can't blame Nick for wondering out loud...music's the universal language of...(kamilisha with what it means to you bro)

Hollywood does one hell of a job in reinforcing some stereotypes, just like dep't stores and their mail out ads (that junk mail that clogs up the mail box)... you rarely see real chocolate-skinned sistahs on there, it's always the caramel or butter pecan biracial chicks. Iko kitu.

If "Juss Blaaaaaze" is behind Siagon's opus then that album's already an winner esp for '07.

Timbo's beats are very diverse, he can excel in pop. You heard he's also producing some rock band coming out around Thanksgiving?

makanga said...

What's good Akiey. I like your video mash-ups by the way. Tuff!

Yeah I'm also put off by how the dark ebony sistas get back seat status. Even among black celebs. It's like once you blow up you get a yellow heifer or some exotic mess.

I guess it more for us Akiey