Friday, December 01, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Siete.

Meet the Negroes, No love for the Bastards & Dubai Ballin

Checking in from a self inflicted hiatus in the warzone. Kuhangaika like a fish out of water, while trying to ignore the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeerisms that plague this end of the planet around this time of year. Hopefully I will have something to show for the grind.

Leave me in a room alone with him your honor, just three minutes: Michael Richards better known as Kramer to Seinfeld geeks (or is it KKKramer) will be meeting with the recipients of his racist rage under the mediation of a retired judge. If only the judge would suggest some anger management therapy in the format of bust his ass. Check this little anecdote about other racially toned happenings on the Seinfeld set.


Meanwhile, back in Muddy Waterworld, I mean Jamhuri (poleni with the heavy rains), the Justice system has refused to make delinquent fathers pay for children born out of wedlock, according to the Sato Daily Nation. Some lobby groups were looking to have sections of the Children's Act repealed to allow for such provisions. The Act insists on having the single mother meeting certain criteria before the father can execute his duties. I wonder what the criteria are:

1.Must regard the absent father as husband and accord to him the respect that office comes with.

2. Must maintain a regal sense of being: a tasteful backside and the titty game better be righteous.

3. Must be available for all frivolous booty calls. Must be willing to fulfill whatever the absent father asks for.

4. Must be ready to be disregarded and overlooked on a whim and bear that as the opportunity cost of playing the game.

And out here jamaas get wages garnished on a weekly basis for children they love dearly but they cannot interact with due to court sanctions. Look under: Grown men cry.

Maybe our single mothers should demand a few minutes alone in a room with these judges too...

Also in the same Sato pages, a story quoting alleged secret documents of how the first Kenyan government was forced to buy assets left behind by the colonial regime. Quite akin to the dealer being forced out of a neighborhood, but he digs in, and forces the residents to buy the crack spot, busted furniture, hot electronics and all from him.


I've been wowed by this track by Da Rugged Underground Zoo (D.R.U.G.Z) Clique. Staarabu. I'm not sure when this came out, but the video recently hit youtube. Holla at Msanii on the hook up and Diehard for killing this track.

Over 1.8 million people have paid homage to Jiggaman and bought the new album. Platters like Lost One, Kanye produced Do You Wanna Ride, 3o Something, Dipset diss Dig a Hole and Katrina diatribe (yup, the boy gets his Bono on) Minority Report display the wit, wordplay, introspection and social outlook that make this comeback album worth the listen. Thankfully its a very straight-ahead east coast offering. Is it me or did Beyonce ruin Hollywood? Just Blaze and Dr. Dre did their thing on production. That other joint with Usher is also weak. It's not the super triumphant return many wistfully envisioned, but it's a quality release in a year that needed it.

Expect similar flashes of brilliance from Nas. In current rotation is a song that samples Nat King Cole's Unforgettable: Nas featuring Chrisette Michele, Can't Forget About You. And let me not talk about Black Republicans.


Big up Maseno High School repping hard in the Middle East in the U-19 catergory of the Dubai Sevens. The big boys though had it rough, losing all their day one group matches. Get 'em on day two!

Morale bastards.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Sehemu ya Sita

So Donald Rumsfeld is out and ex-CIA chief (deputy director for intelligence) Robert Gates is in. Don't trust Bush to pick a squeaky clean official as Defense Secretary. Mr Gates is linked to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Meanwhile the revised civilian death count in Iraq since the war started is 150,000.

Last Furahiday Edition I spoke on Afro-Soul artist Sam Oendo. His website is finally up. Slide thru.

Also check out Shidamingi Crew, with a few brand new songs up for display on (where else) hewaspace. One of them, Blind Wuns, is a potent collaboration featuring your favorite Nairobi hip-hop proponents, Mwafrika and Muki Garang.

It's been one of the biggest rumors of the year in rap. The alleged very public coziness between two grown New Orleans male rappers and Cash Money Records moguls Birdman aka Baby, and his adopted son and current southern rap darling, Lil Wayne. They also had the number three album in the US this week.

Juvenile spoke on it, Gillie the Kid spoke on it, but they were disgruntled ex- Cash Money associates and it may have been explained as them being vengeful. But recently Lil Wayne tried to address the allegations on New York radio as it being like a mafioso thing. You me stop. I guess it wasn't that much of a tall tale...

I love the looks on west coast crooner TQ (jamaa with the flute glass) and the supa black dude with the white headband.....priceless. And the other two are looking away trying to act like it's not going down like that. Then there is homie in the background in the sky blue looking dead-on like he was wishing he was in on it....

Naah...he just can't look away unlike his friends.

Maybe they need to get hands laid upon them.



Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From Musikland on Moi Ave to a Sam Goody in Omaha his prowess is unmatched. I'm proud to welcome again my sticky fingered compadre with a bad music habit, Shop Liftah, here to give us the deal on a few new cds he umm...acquired... recently.

It's almost time for a Styles P record. Consistently spitting that hardcoreness, Lox and D-Block frontman Styles P embodies the grittyness and bleakness of the New York concrete jungle. PCutta and DNA compile together newer and older tracks in the run up to the release of Styles' second lp Time is Money. Close to the Concrete, Aint Buying What U Sellin' and 914 are stellar examples of that bangout music Styles P is beloved for. Fewer people get consistent attention on mixtapes. Every other week some DJ has a best of Styles compilation or something similar out. This joint could've been better but until he brings his new album or an all new music mixtape to the table, I guess we have to deal with the scraps.

Undoubtedly one of New York's finest, of all time, delivers his 6th piece independently and that means the greater masses of ears in need of something more quality get to miss out. I Am the Truth, is just that as Az makes his case. Sit Em Back with fellow Brooklynites MOP is a raucous stomp-em-out heater and Little Brother show up for a marvellous collaboration on Rise and Fall. If the Nas-Az project never sees the light of day then may we take this opportunity to lobby for a DJ Premier-Az opus, as the duo reunite with good results on the title track. Az doesn't play out of pocket. It's mainly introspective hood philosophy and street storytelling told with that flawless flow over soul themed beats. Get High and Doing That should have been replaced, although they are minor shortcomings. This album may go over the Snap and Hyphy set but Allah be praised that The Aziatic is back.

It must be a New Jersey thing. Like Jahiem, the one time Teddy Riley understudy and Jersey City native Shareefa delivers sung performances with a real tight street appeal on her debut album Point of No Return. Since her appearance on the second DTP compilation last year it was apparent that she was not afraid to write about something other than love, which R&B's worst ailment currently, and sing with a realness that is hard to ignore. The Intro starts with a rock bottom moment, as she's sent to prision. And then Rodney Jerkins helps her get closure from a bad relationship on Cry No More. Another key ingredient to this piece is gogo maestro turned R&B wunderkid, Rich Harrison, who matches her street sensibility with soundscapes that recall the boom-bap driven soul of the mid 90's. No One Said lifts a sample popularized by Biggie Smalls on his first album, How Good Love Feels sounds like something Mary J. Blige would have done for her second album. Phony touches upon a betrayal by a girlfriend, not over a man, but some undisclosed situation that actually saw Shareefa behind bars for a stint. The tail end of the album slows down. DTP compatriot Bobby Valentino drops in for a bump-n-grind session on Hey Babe, Eye Wonder is a cheating-with-him episode, while Fever explores a crush. She may have only moved 30k on her first week but this is easily one of the finer all-around R&B performances of 2006.

Round Two is always a watershed phase, and for the New Millenium Nate Dogg his second album is probably his best chance to solidify his Konvict Music movement. From the jump Shakedown is that gangsta crooning that Akon is making his own. Styles P returns for Blown Away, another street bandit two step anthem. Never Took the Time, Dont Matter and I Can't Wait offer a different look as Akon does the love song thing. Akon still shines with the street conscious music, on Gringo, he's a drug dealer making a pitch, and on Tired of Running he's a street hustler done with ducking the Law. Then there's Mama Africa, a reggae joint in tribute to his roots. Overall, Konvicted stays true to what Akon does well, with a few radio songs (Smack That and I Wanna Love You) thrown in to cement the traffic to the music store.

Another year another album. Jim Jones is definitely a prime example of how the constant grind of keeping your name out in the street whether it's albums back to back, umpteen mixtapes, being on the red carpet at the VMA's and still doing club appearances in the roughest locales in the East Coast can do to boost your profile. Stylistically, what do you expect. More thuglife, hustler tales, and floss bossman rants from Jones and Dipset Byrdgang expressed over slicked out synths and drums. Emotionless, Pin the Tail and Weatherman are notables although they all have guests on them. More people have Jim Jones' name in their heads this year than last and there is a feeling in the northeast that there is a need for their own new star instead of all the mainstays or out of town boys and Jones is well placed to feed off that. Judging by his current buzz off the runaway hit We Fly High, this will be one of the hood soundtracks of choice for many this winter.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Freeky Furahiday Part Ngovo

Bidding himself as the 'new sound of Afro-Urban Soul,' California based Sam Oendo is readying the release of his debut album in conjunction with Zambian outfit Malabath Music. Najitahidi stood out to me. You can listen to it as well as a few other hewas on his myspace page.

And after myspace comes niggaspace. Some people are heated about it too.

Movie rant: Avoid
Borat at all costs. That dude, Tom Green and the cast of Jackass need to share the same padded cell. Or be sold to slavery in a Zambian copper mine.

There has been some buzz about Christianity and sex on the blog ring thanks to Future Diplomat and others, and this story shows the two-facedness of the chest thumping puritans. The head of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals resigned on Thursday November 2nd after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a male escort. And this dude is all about banning gay marriage too, lol. Republicans. Ted Haggard is George Bush's spiritual advisor and talks weekly to the main man behind the Republican Machine Karl Rove.

Maybe some folks need to be real and keep it freaky.

Rest in Peace: Comedian Nyundo Wa Komeo (Francis Abina Madieka) who is being buried in Budalangi, Busia District this weekend. He appeared on national tv shows like Kinyonga, Vitimbi and Wingu la Moto.

Morale, Freaks.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Let's celebrate. Kardinal Offishall is finally looking to get a realistic stab at mainstream success at his new home, Akon's Konvict Music. And to celebrate: a Whoo Kid mixtape Canadian Coke is in order to start the streets salivating. It comes complete with a policeman buss 'em tirade (Officer Down), a kenyan Boston Marathon reference (Take the Money) and a patois flavored banger (All the Way). Vybez Kartel steps up with tough gangster posturing (Everybody Gone Gangsta), while Socrates and Choclair re-up for a mean rehash over a Rza backdrop (T-dot Chambers).

Kardinall enjoys cult status in Toronto and it's hard not to see how his hype part b-boy, part rudebwoy persona, and sharp delivery can excite. Looks like T-dot is finally ready to export something fuego.

Tekzilla is spitting a lot more on his new joint, and it's all on point. Recent Aftermath R&B signee Dion is all over this album ( 5 tracks) and doesn't disappoint. Ayak (whatever happened to Jonell) blows marvellously on Can We Go Back. Q-tip and DPG's Kurupt sound like they could be in a group together on Keep it Moving, Ghostface paints a crack queen scenario with the Willie Cottrell Band and Busta Rhymes methodically shuts it down on March. Four New York rappers bring a gritty city anthem to life,
Strong Arm Steady finally gives us a taste of what to expect on their Blacksmith/Warner debut, and Nas paints an absolutely ridiculous true school picture on Music For Life.

Hi-Tek brings his trademark knock, a more high-profile guest list (no Slum Village, Mood or Jinx Da Juvy, but more Talib) that for the most part does its thing and as such, brings forth an easy to listen to head-nodder.

Banks delivers trademark G-Unit thugman gunrap sprinkled with a few Blue Hefner detours of which Help and One Night Stand are stellar examples. Beat selection was on point, but Eminem's beat and Fif collabo Hands Up doesn't deliver. Addicted with Musiq knocks, Gilmore is bouncy and Mobb Deep's Prodigy is actually less sluggish on Get Clapped.

In future hindsight, this album will stand out as being a brash and slick New Yorkcentric piece in a shoulder-lean-walk-it-out arena.

He swerved into our speakers on the back of Kanye Soul, with an album that had as much hiphop sensibility as it had soul. Chapter two features tunes with more pop-rock lean in them. Current pop standard sounding single Save Room starts the collection off, but before you get it twisted, track two, Heaven comes in with that Kanye boom-bap; Again sounds like an Ordinary People except it's a his & her blame game story. Maxine sounds like a piano bar lounge rumba inspired joint as does Where did my baby go.

But overall, the hip-hop soul of his first record is not all over this record. He's still firmly behind his Steinway and although rhythmically he takes it to a different place, he sings with the same earnest soul and each song stands strongly on its own.

Oh how the mighty creep on the low: this chic used to be on diva status, and songs like Angel of Mine and Why I Love You So Much were top-40 favorites on blast to the point I can't bear to hear them again. But a lot of black singers who've tasted middle america adulation opt to return to a more urban flava and appease that constituency especially after an extended hiatus. This joint picks up where the last one left off. With songs like Sideline Ho, Hell Now, and Gotta Move On, she is still making confrontational love songs about love gone bad, which she does well. I don't how how they dont have the advisory sticker on this record.

There are a few missteps (Everytime The Beat Drop is an unnecessary Snap music salute) and she doesn't really harrass her vocal range in this offering, even doing some of her singy-songy rappin, but songs like the Curtis Mayfield sampled A Dozen Roses, Doin Me Right, and Gotta Move On suffice this go-around.

Still going for a grown and sexy appeal on album three. No up-tempo mishaps featuring the vogue blabberer, oops, rapper of the moment. Just love songs - mid-tempo joints and slow jams - for that ass. And a Luther remake for a bonus. Nothing really stands out, he's playing the skillful teddy bear balladeer thing to the tilt.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Nuff respect to Msanii XL for the opportunities and the love he showed me on BNTS Episode 6. I believe I'm one of many who respect and are inspired by your grind.

Thanks to Ciru for dropping this in my inbox. And I share it with you.


Young Kenyans Trail blazing around the World

DJ Stylez
DJ Stylez has now risen to prominence as one of Kenya's renown Premiere DJ. With a list of accomplishments to his name DJ Stylez has been nominated for Best DJ in Africa category for the Best Dj Africa category. Please Vote for DJ Stylez.

Nameless Gets a Nod For European MTV
Kenyan singer David Mathenge ( Nameless) leads other African artists in nominations for best African act during this years Europe MTV Awards (MTV EMAs) to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in November. Nameless is among the 5 nominees representing the African continent including upbeat Nigerian R&B twins P-Square,Tanzanian Bongo flava star Sir Juma Nature among others. Ever evolving global super star Justin Timberlake will host and also perform at the most explosive, star studded music event in the European Calendar. Please Vote for Nameless.

Hip Hop Colony for Truth Awards
The critically acclaimed film has once again been nominated for Best Independent Film at the Truth awards, which takes place in Chicago, Saturday, October 14th 2006. Please Vote for Hip Hop Colony. Hip-hop Colony

Jay Z Rocks Kenyan Wear, damn!
For the African chapter of the global express tour ( Water for Life tour), Jay Z teamed up with the most authentic African label under the planet, Jamhuri Wear whose creater, Kimathi, helms from Kenya. The fashion designer clearly comes out as a trend setter as he threads Hip Hop's biggest star for the African leg of his tour. Visit


Monday, October 09, 2006


Oooh weee, Colombus Day....not that it stopped me from doing my daily weekday hustle as usual. What a weak reason to have a day off though. Dude got lost and "found" a new continent... Fine, if they want to credit some white person and shut down government offices and schools in his honor, at least crown the right jamaa, Lief Ericsson, son of Erik the Red.

Some Colombus Day treats: a few more K.E artist myspace pages to peep while you're searching for that next jumpoff.

Diehard: representing for Da Rugged Undaground Zoo. They are based in Jericho Estate.

Jero: Outering Estate lyricist now based in the A. Recently dropped a mixtape.

Staccato: a member of the Shida Mingi Crew.

Loon found his way to Dar although he may have ran into some trouble shooting a video for a new single that features the current Miss Tz as his love interest. He kept it real though, jumped in the studio with local artists and cooked it up. But slapping your pointman around for not having everything in order is not what it's cut out to be. Especially if it isn't in a Harlem barbershop (In the summer Loon banged on a Dipset affiliate 40-Cal with a shovel inside a barbershop in Harlem).

The Wire anyone? Easily the one of the best reasons to get HBO even though a non-tv watcher like myself will wait for the dvd. For their final season they got a gully sista, Snoop Pearson, who is shown here shopping for some 'tools.' You gotta love a girl with a dangerous streak. Built too hood for some though.

This was inspired by Half Kenya Half Sudan's tirade at Monday. She meant well when she said that there should be an International Kamukunji of sorts where all the relevant nerds meet up and use their expert opinion to abolish Monday.

The sad truth is if they got rid of Monday i.e. they turned Monday into a weekend day, then Tuesday would become the scapegoat of all the evil that Monday has become burdened with. Which will lead to more yodelling about Tuesday Blues, calls for the abolition of Tuesday, etc.

My proposal is to add more Fridays. Work one day then get two off. Nothing beats the feeling of having that 6 pm Furahiday Rush every three days.

All in favor....waonyeshe vidole vya kati.

And to all you lucky bastards that are having a real day off tomorrow, I salute thee. You guys get the Monday Blues twice in the week. Why do we do Moi Day again?



Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Bamboocha Recipe:

Add ingredients carefully:

Add summa this:

And a little of this:

Ensure the proper libations to the ancestors, dearly departed and cherished ones in absentia are made.


Add a little of this if you please,

The following should be done only with the availability of suitable Audio Crack Cocaine delivered in horrifying high decibel deep bass stereo by a suitably trained merchant.

Apply the mantra of the great sage Tony Matterhorn, "I will grind 'em."

Be it in the cut:

Or a little more in the open,

Or apply something similar to that with newly found or more regular associates,

And you will have yourself one copius serving of Friday Night Nirvana.

Big up Black Ice Crew for nicing the bashement and J-Cruz on the paparazzi grind.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Quattro: By Day......

He's the brutha opening doors for your lady.....

By night, he's force-feeding her cuervo black....ama cham,

Lamba glassi kabisa!! Na umemwaga kidogo kwa meza wewe! Nyonya hio umemwaga na straw!!

Whatever your fancy... me only means well.

I am makanga and I approve this message.** (End commercial)**

Check out last weekend:

It was a good night, the Alphas brought the women out and completely shut down two other concurrent parties with the diesel turnout.Without expecting it, my lounge turned into the reggae room, complete with big-body gal dem, hella guinness and the furry burnt shrubbery. The dutty wine contest was just that...dutty, and Goodas Fi Dem played for 16 minutes straight. Bullet!

This weekend:

Friday, Rick Ross is coming to the area, this group I work with is opening for him. The FESI (femme exposed skin index) is going to be silly even though it will be chilly. I won't be in that building though, gotta rock this fiesta:

It will be a little bit more sedate than the Rick Ross - wait let me stop lying...80% chance kutathoka.

Then Sato, one of my artists is doing a belated born-day soiree, with two other big parties I'm supposed to guest spin at.

Where's the afterparty at?

I almost forgot the main reason I came thru today. Jabali Afrika are back with a new album, Mayosi. This coming Wednesday the 27th, they will be live at Joe's Pub in the Rotten Apple thundering down. They will be heading to Jamhuri in late November.



Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So 9-11 arrived and went. I literally ducked all the melodramatic hoopla on tv. Wasn't too hard though, your boy is busy. The Nairobi Bombings hit home hard for me. I was on Tom Mboya St when the truck blew up in 1998. Much respect to all the innocent fallen worldwide from Bali, to London, to Dar, in an ideologial/political/economic war that shows no peaceful resolve.

Meanwhile over the weekend, Kenya did good and whooped Namibia in Nairobi in a Rugby World Cup qualifier. Despite the problems with our game, basically a gross lack of chapaa, this one has been a long time coming. Big up. Next up, Tunisia.

Speaking of which I just read about some billionaire that gave $ 165 million to an American university (Oklahoma State), not for improvement of academics or lowering tuition, how dare he, but rather for the Athletic department,with american football getting 120 mill and the rest to the other sports. I doubt our national sports programs have spent that much money combined since independence. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State ranks in the bottom third of all american states in infant death, child health insurance coverage and child neglect. One in seven people in Oklahoma are in the risk of hunger (according to a Sports Illustrated commentator).

Phat Kat is a Detroit rapper who enjoyed the musical comradeship and production of the late great beat guru J Dilla. Check out his new all-snippet mixtape Quiet Bubble featuring production from J-Dilla and Black Milk among others. Si mbaya. FFWD >> to 16:36. That track is pure beauty. Dilla will be missed. His new posthumously released album The Shining is in stores.

DJ Dona based in Kansas just dropped a mixtape Bado Nimesota featuring music from Nyashinski, Shida Mingi Crew, Shazz, Maleek and other Kenyan notables. Free download here.

Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the funniest things on HBO. I peeped a season of it on dvd over the summer. It features Larry David, one of the chief writers for the bigtime Seinfeld sitcom. Sawa, blackdom isn't representing heavy in his work, but it's funny nonetheless. Check out a small clip about spaciously endowed women. Later on in this particular episode the woman in question steals things and hides them you-know-where.

And before the ladies seek me out for a lynching a la Michuki, how about these mamas who bailed out their man in New York. These are are some true ride-or-die chics. I need me a few for my ka-harem. And Forbes Magazine lines up the most powerful women on the planet. Your mother is on there.



Monday, September 04, 2006


All links subject to change

Yeah, for those of us Stateside we get Monday off, and all roads lead to Brooklyn in the Rotten Apple as far as I'm concerned. Labor Day is the time to kiss the Summer malaters, although it's like the summer left two weeks ago out here. The Big Caribbean parade in Eastern Parkway is on. Mob parties all over the city, lots of Caribbean artists and bands in town, reggae, soca, calypso, zouk, kompa...overload! Kabisa... black people will be outside!

Brooklyn is the one place I go to and feel like you in cribs again. Wall to wall blackdom in some parts. Check out the disheveled urban landscape you see while you're on Fulton Street or Norstrand Ave during the day and you may be forgiven for thinking you're on Tom Mboya street, except you see no matts and the traffic lights work. The preachers and the beggars are there. You even have to watch out for the stick-up kids, just like home.

and a few others decided to desecrate an institution last week, well I guess she did it to herself. I'm talking about those over-bustious flicks of Aretha. Well I'm here to hit you with something different. I don't jua why she spends so much time flaunting her 40 year old frame in hopes of selling records, instead of showing off her 40 year old talent. I miss the old danceaholic, singing some cool ballads no-nip-&-tuck-jobs-having, movie-making with Tupac, non-cleavage flaunting artist. But she's flossing them assets, so you might as well drool.

And she reportedly has an 18 0r 19 year old child too? Airbrushing is a mutha.

Meanwhile another institution, Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers fame, is going to jail for 37 months for tax evasion charges. The Feds don't play. I wish we played the same way with the perps of Goldenberg/Anglo-Leasing/Insert Kenyan corruption scandal here. And he got a mercy bid too. He was initially facing over 25 years.

Speaking of chests, ladies would you rock with this device? It perks them thangs up (***Link is not work safe!!!***). Shall your deceipt know no end?

And Venezuela is going for the throne, the petroleum throne.

Mrembo was talking about racism in Denmark and then I ran across the story of a school bus driver who made all the black kids sit in the back, away from the white kids in Shreveport, Louisiana ( I'm saying though, si it's back-bench that's the cool place to ride in? Americans have it backwards, but I digress). Nine kids piled onto 2 seats. This kicked up a fuss with the parents of the black kids and some civil rights people. The Feds are also doing the obligatory sniff-around.

Bus rides are heavily symbolic of race issues, a la Rosa Parks, to start with, without someone pulling a stunt like this. But my point is, no matter where you are, if you aren't on the right side of the mother continent or off it, you will catch some hate. Stay strong.

Rappers or poets in the house? Pay attention. Elzhi from Slum village is teaching.....

Onward to Brooklyn Zoo for another Labor Day of good music, food and black folks united under the riddims.


Monday, August 28, 2006


(Formerly Peter Dawo Bites)

A delectable delight.

The finest sun-dried Omena, busaa-soaked Simsim, Pearl Omega extract and Sony-grown molasses in the middle.

Coated with the perfect blend of Ivorian Cocoa and Tilapia Oil on the outside.

Guaranteed to boost your IQ by 10% with daily recommended consumption.*

It gives you the runs you say, well run with it.**

Are you a punk or an Omera?

The snack of choice for Footballers, Scientists, Laywers, Benga Bandleaders and Senators.***

*Daily recommended usage: 7 Bars in 13 hours. Statement not validated by Kenya Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education or Gilbert Deya Ministries.

85% of all consumers report stomach discomfort leading to severe mharo, to which any omera/omeraette will build resistance after a few days of consuming snacks. HIV status reversal to negative also reported by 3.8%.

*** That's right, Jengs all up in this bitch, who wan romp wit' us?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Trez

Mocha dropped the news first, but spread the word. Download the Watu Wangu Mixtape Vol 2. Presented by Sir Prestige and mixed by the legendary DJ Edu. Watu Wangu is a network of young talented aspiring Kenyan recording artists, producers and DJs based, operating and/or currently residing in the UK. The mixtape features music by Levysill, Nannoma, Wawesh and Tapelli among others.

This weekend I'll pitch in with some pop/r&b/afro artist links with roots in the Mamaland. These are their myspace pages, which have a quick selection of tracks, in some cases downloadable.

Jabali Afrika. They've been keeping their profile high on the world music scene doing the Festival circuit in US and Canada. A new album is on the way.

Shu. Harvard/Oxford trained Rhodes Scholar (and Busherian) who is doing big things independently as singer/songwriter in the R&B/Soul vein. Apparently they love him in Japan.
Once Again is my shizzit. He dropped an album last year to warm reviews and also was a Grand Prize winner of The John Lennon Songwriter Award.

Qita. Building buzz on the East Coast. Based in Massachussets (aka New Muranga).
Ready For You is as cool as a fan...on a hot Mogadishu afternoon.

Karis. Guitarist out in the West Coast working with Jazz outfit Vega, as well as his own gospelly stuff and session work. He has worked with some interesting folks.

Julia (Kesha). Out in the West Coast dropping some gospel-influenced jewels.

Ida Onyango. The 2006 Kisima Awards Boomba Female artist of the year. Also Cali based.

Miriam Chemoss. Based out of New York. Previously seen in a Levi Commercial. Modelling, theatre, singing etc. Getting it in.

Jaqee. Ugandan based in Sweden. She's involved with kenyan rapper/producer Wawesh
through BLaO Ent. Check out The Way you Make me Feel.

Joy Denalane. German Southafrican who just dropped her second album. She worked with notable members of the Philly Soul movement as well as respected US rappers on this one which is in English. The first one I guess was in German and was popular there. Pretty good stuff, although her page dishes out only snippets.

Blackrose. Out in Norway by way of Bongo. Her stuff is techno/electronica.

And Jigga disses Kenya on his world tour.


Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our Son in Kissum Siti!!

Aug 25th 2006
8:00 PM till late


Featuring Performances by:

Princess Jully
D.O. Misiani
Dola Kabarry
Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
Kenge Kenge
Achieng Abura
and more...

All Senator Beer at Half Praiss!!!
Free Ngege appetissa for first 50 patrons.

Our Son Obama has said he won't be theya but we sall have a full portrait of him chilling in the VIP for photo ops.

This event is for the Fantabulous Human Species of Jaluo origin only.
ID check and on-the-spot Jaluo Lingo test will be in effect.

All light-skinned brothas and sistas muss bring bath satifiket and signed affidavits from four true blooded Jaluos validating their authentisiti as Jaluos to gain admission.

500 sillings a head.

Dress to impress. Straw hats are a must.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Watermelons Sneakers & Double Barrels

Vipi wazeiya, I hope things are cool.

(All links subject to change)

Msanii beat me to the punch a threw up some myspace and other web links to various african hiphoppas y'all should be aware of. Please go visit and enjoy some homegrown rap music. It's a good thing he's on the job. I've been bizzay nikihangaika na kuhustle. I'll still be throwing up links soon but for now Msanii got the goods.

Check out Mocha for a whole selection of videos from k.e and Bongo.

Who would've thought the day would come. NY Knicks star guard Stephon Marbury recently launched his Starbury sneaker line. Doesn't seem like a big deal, all notable athletes drop a shoe or two in their career. Stephon did the unimaginable thing and made his shoes real $15.00 cheap. And they were only available at Steve & Barry's sports & apparel stores in New York City. The rush in the city was serious this weekend. They are now selling on eBay for upwards of $50 as sneaker collecters swoop in.

Shaq is the only other hooper that has unleashed a relatively cheap sneaker. Which is the main reason why Shaq is cool in my books. Marbury has said he will be playing in his shoe. Some folks are wondering about the quality of the shoe. There's something Nike doesn't want you to know.... their shoes cost just as much to make as the Starburys except they throw a swoosh or a jumpman on it, spend a grip on advertising and endorsement trying to get you to buy them and demand $180 for a pair.

Don Cheadle is putting in work with serious movies. He is portraying a famous Washington DC area TV & Radio personality and Black activist, the Late Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene. Check out some rare footage to get a glimpse of the real Petey. He goes on and on about watermelons and about being yourself. Classic. Taraji P. Henson (oooh weee!), Cedric The Entertainer and Vondie Curtis-Hall also star in that flick. Will Smith is also doing another human interest picture out this Christmas, peep the trailer.

To my ladies what would you do with a brutha with this problem? Gives the term threesome a different spin, doesn't it?


Friday, August 11, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: part deuce

So it's been wild in blogville the past few days. More political drama at home with rumors of a snap election, explosives in bottles in the UK, bigotry against a young black man in SA and that dark/light skin vybe.

The current conflict in the Middle East is to some extent a proxy war: US/West behind Israel and Iran/Syria behind Hezbollah. At least that what it looks like. No one is talking about the new superpower on the come-up.
China. Makes you wonder if they're just quiet spectators.

Take heart Archer. And please don't fall for that 'I wish I didn't venture outside' mess. So what, like Mobb Deep said a long time ago, it's a war going on outside.

Most of us who creep behind enemy lines (aka you're not in the Jamhuri) have experienced something of the sort. When you ingia a bar and the place goes quiet like when the bad guys stroll into a saloon in a cowboy flick. Then they're double checking ID, they won't let you start a tab and generally wait to pick on something petty to toss you out. Like if a song comes on and someone in the crew seems to be overenjoying himself/herself. Ati you're making the "other" clients "uncomfortable." It's like we missed the "Shhh! Yoga class" sign on the way in.

Well one time a few years ago a friend of mine was tossed down a long flight of stars at a major club in a downtown area for looking at a white bouncer funny. I'm saying, if your kisogo is shaped ka corner ya njugu karanga, and then it's stuck to the body of a buffalo, what do you expect? This is why I prefer rolling deep to nighspots that are not necessarily "black hangouts" because we hopped on that bouncer and rode his ass (no homo) down the stairs after my friend. Sure, there was a disturbing the peace charge involved because this was downtown, there were police everywhere. But at least the message had been sent to Mr. Odiero with 'roid-rage and Black hate, and on some level we had upheld our dignity.

Civil Group actions especially in the States have turned to farces, an opportunity for certain leaders to grab the spotlight. The biggest issue with the NAACP has been that G.W. Bush had been dissing them since 2000 for not
showing up to their conventions. Why do they need him to show up so badly? Meanwhile the Voting Act in the US is not permanent. Bush just recently extended the right to vote by another 25 years. How come voting is not an automatic right for ethnic minorities and ex-cons? Meanwhile, there are all kinds of young men shot dead by police under dubious circumstances where I'm at, and their own mothers do more than the NAACP or the Urban League or any other civil groups in the quest for justice. Around here, the Urban League jamaas are known for being big ballers more than anything else.

And as far as the dark skin/light skin definition of beauty I'm going to let that pass for now. Acolyte thanks for spreading the word on the disgrace asian women are put through in the human hair trade.

It's a big Jamaican Parade weekend out here. I will be backstage at the Afro-Caribbean Festival with my bade. And these jamaas too. All work and all play, it's time to promote heavily mitaani and network.

A chill Members day and weekend, au sio?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

TV interviews, weaves & gangsters

So after the heatwaves of a few weeks past, things got popping. August is always a month with mob plot where I'm at. Chalk it up to the Caribbean festivities that heat up all the way into early September. I figure people also realize there is one more month of true sunshine and leisure left, and so go all out to enjoy themselves. The macks come out in full effect. I heard Toronto's Karibana Festival was a blast. I didn't fika, I was at big african picnic. It's always a blessing to go to these things in the summer. All kinds of dressed up (and dressed down) bodacious mamas to keep things exciting.

So they are still warring in Middle East. A lot of what is on TV is carefully crafted propaganda, but check out how George Galloway airs out a SKY News anchor about the whole situation. Hilarious.

Also check out this article that puts more perspective on the current conflict.

To my ladies who feel like having long hair is the only way to look fly, check out what really goes down to those asian women that supply that highly expensive human hair, not that "made in India stuff."

Denzel's new movie, "American Gangster" is based on this jamaa. It's kind of a long read, pole. Forget the movie, we need a book.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: part wahed

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

A few thangs off the Christina Aguilera Album Back to Basics. (Links subject to disappear)

Part of the album was produced by DJ Premier, one of the greatest hip-hop producers dead or alive (he also produced her current single, Aint No Other Man). Which naturally is why I'm even bothered to seek out these hewas. Under normal circumstances I would be ducking the other way from a Aguilera CD, vidoles in my ears like..."lalalalalala....I can't hear you....."

Premier brings the signature stripped down boom bap sound he's respected for while Miss Dirrty plays second fiddle vizuri. It may be the boldest thing in Pop music this year. I'm curious to see how this album does. I'm not necessarily floored by these tracks but what kind of man would I be if I didn't share.

Anyhoo, enjoy:

Intro (Back to Basics)

Slow Down Baby

Back in the Day

Still Dirrty

A slammin Members Day & Caribana Weekend to you all.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She's Mighty Mighty!! And Some music leaks.

First....asanteni for the warm words of welcome from kila mtu.


Big Black Sista Syndrome

A New York Times piece about how the advertising industy in the US has been typecasting the big boned mamas as sassy, aggressive, overbearing, play-no-games Lordesses of Doom. (The link is subject to change)

Of course it is also related to black folk like Tyler Perry, Monique , Martin, Queen Latifah and 'em who create large woman personas (Madea, Big Momma House, Bringing Down the House etc) that become popular and acceptable with both black and non-black audiences. But in the advertising game most of the writers, casting and shooting directors are jungus.

So while as black people we might be enjoying their antics on some "get 'em girl" tip, the rest of them may actually be laughing at the character on some "that crazy black woman" mess that they translate into how they deal with black people. Especially when they run into a big boned sista.

Similar thing in Hollywood where black men are usually typecast as the aggressive goons carrying beef to the nth degree. They don't really have to because that perception is prevalent in regular life without them having to put it out there. Have you ever had a white woman clutch her purse to her chest and cross the street just because you're walking her way? But by the same token, black people are also holding on hard to that gangsta persona and pushing it through their own art and way of life.

Sassy big black women existed before they became advert darlings and so did the thugs. I feel it's a matter of balance. Overrepresentation is the poison. Have the sweater wearing middle class Cosbys and the ghetto Wayans brothers; have sleek Garcelle Beauvais with the plus sized Pine Sol Lady. Mchanganyo.

While it's a issue with a lot of grey areas, it's still something to think about.


Hewas for that ass

Mwafrika & Muki Garang Present The mixtape.
Under advisement that I will tandika y'all with the fierceness of a hungry GSU kurutu, I order you to download it here and listen to it daily for a month straight.

Mwaf is prominent for his work promoting that good kenyan rap music at YFM (which he just left), and setting up the monthly Hip hop Nite. Muki is a poet/rapper/activist doing his thing and they have collaborated to bring you some freestyles and original music. A full review is coming. Niwacheni, I'm still doing my month of listening.....

Msanii has a link to a hiphop Ep for download from some West Coast cats. Straight boom-bap. A lot of political and cultural musing going on on that joint, as well as bashing of a certain Durty Souf movement, lol. There is a very enjoyable Lupe Fiasco remix on there too.

Saigon is one of those being dubbed the New New York, rappers from the Rotten Apple everyone is hoping to bring the East Coast back. Peep another leak. Just Blaze is supervising his album which comes out on Blaze's label, Fort Knox next year. Frankly I'm over rappers lamenting about how bland or horrible other rappers are. We know, the rest of them are foko jembes... sawa. Just unleash some good hewas. Fortunately Saigon goes light on the whining and speaks his piece. (3/5)

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have a hit on their hands. Last month Jive leaked Sexyback which was horrible to me. On the other hand,
My love, is undeniable. As soon as I heard it I imagined Aaliyah on the beat or better yet, Ginuwine. Ginuwine would destroy this. T.I is on the track too, pending clearance from his label. A forgettable verse from him though. I give it a 4/5.

But by the time this gets to radio though I'll be tired of it.

Sorry folks, it's tagged up pretty badly for copy protection but still listen

Timbaland has been talking about doing more pop records and less rap, which I think is his forte anyway. The one pop artist he needs to get with asap is Usher.

You want to check out some Bay Area rap? Check out up and coming Kaz Kyzah. Free mixtape download here. He handles some of those beats decently.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Operation Somalia Express

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the East African Colombians.

According to
The Sunday Nation (Sunday July 30), 44 arrests in New york and 18 in Seattle were simultaneously made on July 26 2006 as the FBI moved to smash a miraa smuggling operation they have been monitoring for the past 18 months (code name: Operation Somalia Express). They're saying jamaas were stacking up to $10 mill a year at $900 a kilo. A kilo goes for kshs 700 back home, about $10. The goods were coming over from Europe through couriers on commercial flights in suitcases and also express mail deliveries.

The report didn't specify the nationalities of the arrested folks but it said they were getting their work out of Kenya and Ethiopia, the miraa hotspots.

The Feds also bagged 5 tonnes of miraa during this swoop. They're saying 25 tonnes have come in in recent years.

Miraa contains Cathine and Cathonine which are controlled substances in the US. Ati now they want to follow the money trail back to East Africa and find the real bossmen of the operation. Good luck, lol. But Fed indictments are usually built airtight (the 18 month surveillance is testament) so these dudes they bagged are going to go away for a minute.

I'm thinking if there was an American/European outfit like Del Monte or Nestle that was making mob bakes off miraa export they would have got miraa off that controlled substance list and we could be out here handling biz with a quarter kilo in the front pocket just like we do in the Jiji. But it hasn't happened yet so jamaas are facing up to 20 years apiece for conducting grand hustle.

Is miraa banned in Canada?

I'm saying, miraa was originally goat food, just like coffee beans. Is caffeine a controlled substance? Na zama za kale when coca cola was first on the US market it actually contained cocaine. Well, they didn't know the white like they know it now but still.....

Imagine if miraa became the new thing. White boys with baggy cheeks asking you if you've got some gum, or for a sip of your cocaine free coke....


The INC in NBI

So Ja Rule got himself in Nairobi and Dar this past weekend (Fri and Sato respectively) for what were probably sold out performances. Apparently dude is still the shizzit overseas, seeing as I've not heard or seen Ja do any shows Stateside in a while. He probably lipishad a premium fee for these performances too and milked the perception that he's still riffing real hard with G-Unit for what it's worth.

This is the first big name rap artist since The Lost Boyz to rock The Robbari. A damn shame. Someone goes and brings in an akata who is more washed up than debris from the Titanic still floating in the North Sea. Face it, if he was still hot he would not have even thought of fikaing. He would probably be too busy shooting some type of movie or flossing new rims on a denali truck at some car show, drunk off the remy. Watch, now that LL Cool J isn't as hot as he used to be, he'll be making these type of trips, and there will be a traffic jam on Langata Road.

One of my partners was at the Crackhouse Studios, New York, the Murder Inc studios, in early April. His report was that Ja is plotting a
comeback of sorts with a return to his original gangster swagger of his early Cash Money Clique and Venni, Vetti, Vecci days. So far I've heard a G-Unit diss track and a club banger. The diss track, 21 Gun Salute, was strong enough for me to put on my mixtape which, incidentally, is how G-Unit first heard it (a story for another day). The reasons it made the cut were:

(1).True story, I was probably one of the first DJs in stato with the full track and I may be one of 3 and a half DJs to have even put the track out.
(2). Lloyd Bank's
Cake was on the mixtape and I wanted to contrast the two songs and also play on the beef...I know....real original. It came off vizuri though. This was the diss track he should have put out immediately after Fifty chongoad him.

The other track,
Get Up is an attempt at a hard club banger. No one has bothered to break this record yet. My partner had been at the session when they cut this track. Actor/ R&B hopeful Jason Weaver (last heard on a Chingy single) sung the hook during that session but the version I've heard doesn't feature a singer.

His whole bubblegum crooning thug steelo that helped generate over 100 mill in revenue still works in some parts of the world. It doesn't on me. I used to kunja my sura everytime I sikiad
"What would I do without yoooouuuu...." or such other hot messes on the radio or in the club. I'm going to have to learn to enjoy his new raw persona, and old boy must bring some seriously bangin' tracks. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the guy, he just made some tasteless TRL/106 & Park hits, and now he has to bring the heat to impress. He will be dropping a mixtape or 2 sometime in the fall. Check for that.

With that said, I'm sure the chic game at Carni on Friday night was wazimu. If you know how much the damage (kshs) was to partake in the festivities, hebu tushow. I'm curious.

Would I have fikad if I was home? No.

Is Jigga headed to Nairobi as part of his planned world tour?


Friday, July 28, 2006

Harro Harro....

Niaje, what's goody, asalaam aleikum, walapa! I'm sending a Katyusha rocket to where you at with some love. Can I get a raah, raaah!!

This blog will be for some regular rants, trying to connect with peeps from the Grand Jamhuri, music (and kenyan music) in general, plus I'm trying to find someone to hook me up with some kunde to go with this western hemisphere sembe and mushy nyaks....

Oh yeah, that up there is a cover of a mixtape I dropped earlier in the year. Rugged Street music of the rap or reggae persuasion is something I enjoy. My idea of a romantic evening might include some Wu-tang hewas. Or some Capleton. I mean I've got r&b and soul on lock too but a gutter rap joint or a rude tune is my first inclination. Don't worry ladies, I'm accomodating. I pull out the D'Angelo to keep things easy. It has to be Brown Sugar though
, he haribud Voodoo kidogo doing that naked thing.

Anyways, I'm djing, producing, managing some artists here in exile and making some music of my own as you can find out here.

It's Furahiday so you must excuse me as I fanya other things. Enjoy yourselves.

Ningependa kutumeko salamu kem kem to my main man Kama, the boy Kallous, the whole INF, Smalls, Heist Int., my brethren and sisteren doing their thing and you, oh most wonderful reader of the blog. Give yourself more than a pat on the back, kiss yourself...

I keed, I keed.