Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Nuff respect to Msanii XL for the opportunities and the love he showed me on BNTS Episode 6. I believe I'm one of many who respect and are inspired by your grind.

Thanks to Ciru for dropping this in my inbox. And I share it with you.


Young Kenyans Trail blazing around the World

DJ Stylez
DJ Stylez has now risen to prominence as one of Kenya's renown Premiere DJ. With a list of accomplishments to his name DJ Stylez has been nominated for Best DJ in Africa category for the Best Dj Africa category. Please Vote for DJ Stylez.

Nameless Gets a Nod For European MTV
Kenyan singer David Mathenge ( Nameless) leads other African artists in nominations for best African act during this years Europe MTV Awards (MTV EMAs) to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in November. Nameless is among the 5 nominees representing the African continent including upbeat Nigerian R&B twins P-Square,Tanzanian Bongo flava star Sir Juma Nature among others. Ever evolving global super star Justin Timberlake will host and also perform at the most explosive, star studded music event in the European Calendar. Please Vote for Nameless.

Hip Hop Colony for Truth Awards
The critically acclaimed film has once again been nominated for Best Independent Film at the Truth awards, which takes place in Chicago, Saturday, October 14th 2006. Please Vote for Hip Hop Colony. Hip-hop Colony

Jay Z Rocks Kenyan Wear, damn!
For the African chapter of the global express tour ( Water for Life tour), Jay Z teamed up with the most authentic African label under the planet, Jamhuri Wear whose creater, Kimathi, helms from Kenya. The fashion designer clearly comes out as a trend setter as he threads Hip Hop's biggest star for the African leg of his tour. Visit



lukas said...

I dont feel the whole jay-z issue thing performing in TZ,See people are saying that hiphop is recognised more in TZ than in Kenya but no,if you ever go to the hiphop nights around you would know what am talkin about.Kenyans are not reaaly the hyped up lot.

Anonymous said...

somebody said :"I dont feel the whole jay-z issue thing performing in TZ". dont hate the bongofleva or Tanzanian hiphop, genge(kenyan hiphop)needs to challenge them.
bongofleva has proved it's credibility.check this site: