Monday, October 09, 2006


Oooh weee, Colombus Day....not that it stopped me from doing my daily weekday hustle as usual. What a weak reason to have a day off though. Dude got lost and "found" a new continent... Fine, if they want to credit some white person and shut down government offices and schools in his honor, at least crown the right jamaa, Lief Ericsson, son of Erik the Red.

Some Colombus Day treats: a few more K.E artist myspace pages to peep while you're searching for that next jumpoff.

Diehard: representing for Da Rugged Undaground Zoo. They are based in Jericho Estate.

Jero: Outering Estate lyricist now based in the A. Recently dropped a mixtape.

Staccato: a member of the Shida Mingi Crew.

Loon found his way to Dar although he may have ran into some trouble shooting a video for a new single that features the current Miss Tz as his love interest. He kept it real though, jumped in the studio with local artists and cooked it up. But slapping your pointman around for not having everything in order is not what it's cut out to be. Especially if it isn't in a Harlem barbershop (In the summer Loon banged on a Dipset affiliate 40-Cal with a shovel inside a barbershop in Harlem).

The Wire anyone? Easily the one of the best reasons to get HBO even though a non-tv watcher like myself will wait for the dvd. For their final season they got a gully sista, Snoop Pearson, who is shown here shopping for some 'tools.' You gotta love a girl with a dangerous streak. Built too hood for some though.

This was inspired by Half Kenya Half Sudan's tirade at Monday. She meant well when she said that there should be an International Kamukunji of sorts where all the relevant nerds meet up and use their expert opinion to abolish Monday.

The sad truth is if they got rid of Monday i.e. they turned Monday into a weekend day, then Tuesday would become the scapegoat of all the evil that Monday has become burdened with. Which will lead to more yodelling about Tuesday Blues, calls for the abolition of Tuesday, etc.

My proposal is to add more Fridays. Work one day then get two off. Nothing beats the feeling of having that 6 pm Furahiday Rush every three days.

All in favor....waonyeshe vidole vya kati.

And to all you lucky bastards that are having a real day off tomorrow, I salute thee. You guys get the Monday Blues twice in the week. Why do we do Moi Day again?




Half 'n' half said...

(kidole cha kati juu- well swa is better off left to those ones across the border)
makanga why are you being reasonable? let me and my monday tirade be. It makes me feel better..... we should work on alternate days.

As for loon................something for another day.

Half 'n' half said...

PS: we salute Moi day because he was baba na mama and now we be orphans

makanga said...

Lol, sistas just be whining without trying to solve a damn thing. So deep down you love Mondays, huh?

What happens when Kibaki leaves us. And you know he's Uncko na Auntie wa taifa (First Lady Roosi is just a shemeji) so we'll be really without family....shall we give him a day too?

am mdkims said...

shucky ducky! ulifanya some major compilation for this piece ... from Lief Ericsson to Shida Mingi Crew to Half 'n' Half ... marvellous!

---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

Thanx for hitting my blog. Lets unite and have our way. Kunego sheng, kupimp mathree na kung'ara vile tunajiskia ama?

makanga said...

@mdkims: awww sukie sukie now. Thanks for blessing my blog with your eyes.

@ gream: nakusikia kizee

Half 'n' half said...

nothing to solve about monday's: we are sistas who realize that sometimes you just need a good whine to start of the day. You should come to the same conclusion

About kibaki! auntie's and uncles aint as important as baba na mama......Infact we shall forget them very quickly.....

makanga said...

Good and whine in the same sentence...

modoathii said...

wazi wazi msee, monday inafaa ianzee saa sita. mazee, supreme gream ana-idea, tubonji sheng. uwongo mbaya kama sio sheng singekuwa nimepata hii job ya-me. kwanza ni multi-national. mtajuaje.

wacha moi day ikae, reaso being, it's another day to pint.

makanga, i've enjoyed the ride in your mathree