Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Bamboocha Recipe:

Add ingredients carefully:

Add summa this:

And a little of this:

Ensure the proper libations to the ancestors, dearly departed and cherished ones in absentia are made.


Add a little of this if you please,

The following should be done only with the availability of suitable Audio Crack Cocaine delivered in horrifying high decibel deep bass stereo by a suitably trained merchant.

Apply the mantra of the great sage Tony Matterhorn, "I will grind 'em."

Be it in the cut:

Or a little more in the open,

Or apply something similar to that with newly found or more regular associates,

And you will have yourself one copius serving of Friday Night Nirvana.

Big up Black Ice Crew for nicing the bashement and J-Cruz on the paparazzi grind.



POTASH said...

even if you took the audio out of 'audio crack cocaine' I would still find friday night nirvana... and you know we do not do cuervo black... we hood; chunga hiyo chupa mami!!!

makanga said...

Yes a swiped beverage definitely is more delicious.

Please put the crizzack down...