Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So 9-11 arrived and went. I literally ducked all the melodramatic hoopla on tv. Wasn't too hard though, your boy is busy. The Nairobi Bombings hit home hard for me. I was on Tom Mboya St when the truck blew up in 1998. Much respect to all the innocent fallen worldwide from Bali, to London, to Dar, in an ideologial/political/economic war that shows no peaceful resolve.

Meanwhile over the weekend, Kenya did good and whooped Namibia in Nairobi in a Rugby World Cup qualifier. Despite the problems with our game, basically a gross lack of chapaa, this one has been a long time coming. Big up. Next up, Tunisia.

Speaking of which I just read about some billionaire that gave $ 165 million to an American university (Oklahoma State), not for improvement of academics or lowering tuition, how dare he, but rather for the Athletic department,with american football getting 120 mill and the rest to the other sports. I doubt our national sports programs have spent that much money combined since independence. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State ranks in the bottom third of all american states in infant death, child health insurance coverage and child neglect. One in seven people in Oklahoma are in the risk of hunger (according to a Sports Illustrated commentator).

Phat Kat is a Detroit rapper who enjoyed the musical comradeship and production of the late great beat guru J Dilla. Check out his new all-snippet mixtape Quiet Bubble featuring production from J-Dilla and Black Milk among others. Si mbaya. FFWD >> to 16:36. That track is pure beauty. Dilla will be missed. His new posthumously released album The Shining is in stores.

DJ Dona based in Kansas just dropped a mixtape Bado Nimesota featuring music from Nyashinski, Shida Mingi Crew, Shazz, Maleek and other Kenyan notables. Free download here.

Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the funniest things on HBO. I peeped a season of it on dvd over the summer. It features Larry David, one of the chief writers for the bigtime Seinfeld sitcom. Sawa, blackdom isn't representing heavy in his work, but it's funny nonetheless. Check out a small clip about spaciously endowed women. Later on in this particular episode the woman in question steals things and hides them you-know-where.

And before the ladies seek me out for a lynching a la Michuki, how about these mamas who bailed out their man in New York. These are are some true ride-or-die chics. I need me a few for my ka-harem. And Forbes Magazine lines up the most powerful women on the planet. Your mother is on there.




Msanii_XL said...

Larry David is stoopid...LOL. I need to see some new shows

Will peep that phat khat..hit or miss type cat.


makanga said...

Yeah Phat Kat is hit or miss but he was getting laced with pure heat rock from Dilla.

Yeah Larry David is killing em.

Shoulda Lean with a soda on the side....

Msanii_XL said...

Yo milk is heat...It ain't half as bad...

lol..where your noodles at?

Intro is nanners..got my theme