Friday, September 22, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Quattro: By Day......

He's the brutha opening doors for your lady.....

By night, he's force-feeding her cuervo black....ama cham,

Lamba glassi kabisa!! Na umemwaga kidogo kwa meza wewe! Nyonya hio umemwaga na straw!!

Whatever your fancy... me only means well.

I am makanga and I approve this message.** (End commercial)**

Check out last weekend:

It was a good night, the Alphas brought the women out and completely shut down two other concurrent parties with the diesel turnout.Without expecting it, my lounge turned into the reggae room, complete with big-body gal dem, hella guinness and the furry burnt shrubbery. The dutty wine contest was just that...dutty, and Goodas Fi Dem played for 16 minutes straight. Bullet!

This weekend:

Friday, Rick Ross is coming to the area, this group I work with is opening for him. The FESI (femme exposed skin index) is going to be silly even though it will be chilly. I won't be in that building though, gotta rock this fiesta:

It will be a little bit more sedate than the Rick Ross - wait let me stop lying...80% chance kutathoka.

Then Sato, one of my artists is doing a belated born-day soiree, with two other big parties I'm supposed to guest spin at.

Where's the afterparty at?

I almost forgot the main reason I came thru today. Jabali Afrika are back with a new album, Mayosi. This coming Wednesday the 27th, they will be live at Joe's Pub in the Rotten Apple thundering down. They will be heading to Jamhuri in late November.




Anonymous said...

Is it bullet bullet or sperms

makanga said...

Bullet! Bullet!

egm said...

I love Jabali. Too bad they don't have that big of a following in Boston, cause I would have loved to see them perform here. One time I got tired of waiting for them and organized for them to come to my former uni. If the show was on a Sato, I would definitely have Fung Wah'd to the city for it.

Msanii_XL said...

I messes..LOL with that damn girl jumpoff.

I wonder if Jabali have show in DC...


Msanii_XL said...

Damn Jabali ain't getting no love from this parts seems.

makanga said...

@egm I feel you on the Fung Wah. Yeah the Wednesday thing is ugly.

@Msanii: I know you will be scandalous. And to think they're future Moms.

I think Jabali are based around DC. Not sure why none of them African spots there hasn't got with them yet. They do a lot of colleges though so maybe they'll re-up at a chuo near you. Can't go wrong with some Jabali and co-eds

Do the motobike with a soda on the side....