Friday, November 10, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Sehemu ya Sita

So Donald Rumsfeld is out and ex-CIA chief (deputy director for intelligence) Robert Gates is in. Don't trust Bush to pick a squeaky clean official as Defense Secretary. Mr Gates is linked to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Meanwhile the revised civilian death count in Iraq since the war started is 150,000.

Last Furahiday Edition I spoke on Afro-Soul artist Sam Oendo. His website is finally up. Slide thru.

Also check out Shidamingi Crew, with a few brand new songs up for display on (where else) hewaspace. One of them, Blind Wuns, is a potent collaboration featuring your favorite Nairobi hip-hop proponents, Mwafrika and Muki Garang.

It's been one of the biggest rumors of the year in rap. The alleged very public coziness between two grown New Orleans male rappers and Cash Money Records moguls Birdman aka Baby, and his adopted son and current southern rap darling, Lil Wayne. They also had the number three album in the US this week.

Juvenile spoke on it, Gillie the Kid spoke on it, but they were disgruntled ex- Cash Money associates and it may have been explained as them being vengeful. But recently Lil Wayne tried to address the allegations on New York radio as it being like a mafioso thing. You me stop. I guess it wasn't that much of a tall tale...

I love the looks on west coast crooner TQ (jamaa with the flute glass) and the supa black dude with the white headband.....priceless. And the other two are looking away trying to act like it's not going down like that. Then there is homie in the background in the sky blue looking dead-on like he was wishing he was in on it....

Naah...he just can't look away unlike his friends.

Maybe they need to get hands laid upon them.




akiey said...

A bunch of merciless, shameless murders in office in Washington. Whatever makes them think they can go around the world running things got them all twisted.

It's a pity that their greed & lack of respect for international law is causing this much misery to a nation and a people that had nothing to do with whatever darned excuses used as a pretext for this senseless war.

The Cash Money kiss pic has been floating around the Web & many have already called it out as a Photoshoped fake reproduction. Check out the hands in between Birdman & Wizzy, whoever did the PS editing needs some tutorials though, lol!

I guess it's accusations from disgruntled former CMB folks....but am still down with Juve(only real rap talent to have left CMB)

Big up to Sam & Shida Mingi. Doing big things the Kenyan way, hakuna kurudi nyuma. Will keep showing them love on their spaces.

alexcia said...

glad to see the back of mr ram s field. Maybe i should just stab it

SisBigBones said...

lol...that's a funny pic, photoshop or not.

Msanii_XL said...

Is this cat serious? this type spam behavious is getting ridiculuous

>d® said...

Damn dude, seems like there's a hostile takeover over here!

Yeah, I watched Lil' Weezy's explanation too - not convincing enough. Funny tho!

makanga said...

@ akeiy: no matter what happens now, a lot of things are going to happen in the Middle East because of this invasion and it won't be pretty.

Picture or not, just the fact that he's addressing the issue means it's important to him. If it was a baseless rumor then he would've let it be.

Yeah KE peeps are on the grind!

@alexia: I want to get a turn too. Please don't have all the fun solo.

@sisbigbones: yeah it cracked me up.

@msanii: I'm just a little drummer boy, what do they want with me?

Are you smoking that grass in the savannah yet?

@>d: For real, not a believable performance.

Like I said I'm lowly nobody. I politely request you hop off my bamboo.

POTASH said...

Dudes, they kissing no? photo edit.. me says.

Abdurahman Warsame said...

I just wanted to let you know that Aljazeera English has launched with a new website.

Digg it, link to it and spread the word.

First few minutes of the Aljazeera's broardcast:

Klara said...

That pix...It's photo something right??? It almost got my wild mind wondering!!!/LOL