Friday, December 01, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: Part Siete.

Meet the Negroes, No love for the Bastards & Dubai Ballin

Checking in from a self inflicted hiatus in the warzone. Kuhangaika like a fish out of water, while trying to ignore the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeerisms that plague this end of the planet around this time of year. Hopefully I will have something to show for the grind.

Leave me in a room alone with him your honor, just three minutes: Michael Richards better known as Kramer to Seinfeld geeks (or is it KKKramer) will be meeting with the recipients of his racist rage under the mediation of a retired judge. If only the judge would suggest some anger management therapy in the format of bust his ass. Check this little anecdote about other racially toned happenings on the Seinfeld set.


Meanwhile, back in Muddy Waterworld, I mean Jamhuri (poleni with the heavy rains), the Justice system has refused to make delinquent fathers pay for children born out of wedlock, according to the Sato Daily Nation. Some lobby groups were looking to have sections of the Children's Act repealed to allow for such provisions. The Act insists on having the single mother meeting certain criteria before the father can execute his duties. I wonder what the criteria are:

1.Must regard the absent father as husband and accord to him the respect that office comes with.

2. Must maintain a regal sense of being: a tasteful backside and the titty game better be righteous.

3. Must be available for all frivolous booty calls. Must be willing to fulfill whatever the absent father asks for.

4. Must be ready to be disregarded and overlooked on a whim and bear that as the opportunity cost of playing the game.

And out here jamaas get wages garnished on a weekly basis for children they love dearly but they cannot interact with due to court sanctions. Look under: Grown men cry.

Maybe our single mothers should demand a few minutes alone in a room with these judges too...

Also in the same Sato pages, a story quoting alleged secret documents of how the first Kenyan government was forced to buy assets left behind by the colonial regime. Quite akin to the dealer being forced out of a neighborhood, but he digs in, and forces the residents to buy the crack spot, busted furniture, hot electronics and all from him.


I've been wowed by this track by Da Rugged Underground Zoo (D.R.U.G.Z) Clique. Staarabu. I'm not sure when this came out, but the video recently hit youtube. Holla at Msanii on the hook up and Diehard for killing this track.

Over 1.8 million people have paid homage to Jiggaman and bought the new album. Platters like Lost One, Kanye produced Do You Wanna Ride, 3o Something, Dipset diss Dig a Hole and Katrina diatribe (yup, the boy gets his Bono on) Minority Report display the wit, wordplay, introspection and social outlook that make this comeback album worth the listen. Thankfully its a very straight-ahead east coast offering. Is it me or did Beyonce ruin Hollywood? Just Blaze and Dr. Dre did their thing on production. That other joint with Usher is also weak. It's not the super triumphant return many wistfully envisioned, but it's a quality release in a year that needed it.

Expect similar flashes of brilliance from Nas. In current rotation is a song that samples Nat King Cole's Unforgettable: Nas featuring Chrisette Michele, Can't Forget About You. And let me not talk about Black Republicans.


Big up Maseno High School repping hard in the Middle East in the U-19 catergory of the Dubai Sevens. The big boys though had it rough, losing all their day one group matches. Get 'em on day two!

Morale bastards.



Girl next door said...

It is too early to see Rudolph and Santa prancing around. I don't even want to hear the songs just yet, but can't avoid them.
I don't buy the apologies these people make after a racial outburst. Doesn't prove they've changed their views.

I can't believe the courts refused to make fathers responsible for their own kids. Whether there's a formal marriage or not is irrelevant. Child support is a must coz it ensures responsibility.

akiey said...

Have to give S.Carter props for his aggressive marketing efforts man! Haven't been a really big fan of Jiggaman but I respect his hustle.

I've been voicing this to all who care to listen. This isn't Jay's best album but it's going to be his fastest & best selling to date...for 2 obvious reasons: comeback & aggressive marketing (did I repeat myself!?lol!)

-Awaiting Nasir to drop this month. I have my $14 ready for that HipHop Is Dead...won't say much.

The legal system in Kenya is in the loo & just waiting to be flushed. Shame on the lawmakers for defeating the antidelinquent fathers' bill. Shaaaaame!!!

Kramer ni matope na ghasia!

Msanii_XL said...

Kramer is garbage even his apology was half assed...

Jay's album was so so after the intro downhill.

That interlude on Ustaarabu is killing

Proud Nyeuthi said...

I love that jam.

Klara said...

Maseno Boys Let's Go!!!!!