Friday, February 09, 2007

Back Behind Enemy Lines

Yeah, yeah, so my much prided lifetime supply of Lifebouy soap recorded a snafu in mid-December. And that pretty much was my pretext to retreat from a frosty North East hustle for the so, so, sickly sumptuous Nairobi Heat.

The place has grown, as evidenced by the increased level of hustle. When thinking about economic trickle down effects, that's the biggest one for me. Even Mama Samaki in my hood stays outside till 10pm nightly. Its was good to see the old haunts, my peoples showing growth, the guns still popping and the ladies are still the flyest. I admit, I had forgotten how ridiculous the mami game is. Hwhat....

It was a blessing to experience the hip-hop movement there. Radio isn't showing heavy love but it's in the streets, and hip-hop is the streets. It ariseth.

Just put up some new music on the jumpoff page. Back on the grind again the mixtape will be here soon.



Msanii said...

I see ya partner!...

"I admit, I had forgotten how ridiculous the mami game is. Hwhat...." Word?

Get at me on email. Nice to have you back.

Radio is ass, always been ass how they gonna act like balance is evil thing?

Klara said...

It's been long!
Had a great Laugh