Friday, November 03, 2006

Freeky Furahiday Part Ngovo

Bidding himself as the 'new sound of Afro-Urban Soul,' California based Sam Oendo is readying the release of his debut album in conjunction with Zambian outfit Malabath Music. Najitahidi stood out to me. You can listen to it as well as a few other hewas on his myspace page.

And after myspace comes niggaspace. Some people are heated about it too.

Movie rant: Avoid
Borat at all costs. That dude, Tom Green and the cast of Jackass need to share the same padded cell. Or be sold to slavery in a Zambian copper mine.

There has been some buzz about Christianity and sex on the blog ring thanks to Future Diplomat and others, and this story shows the two-facedness of the chest thumping puritans. The head of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals resigned on Thursday November 2nd after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a male escort. And this dude is all about banning gay marriage too, lol. Republicans. Ted Haggard is George Bush's spiritual advisor and talks weekly to the main man behind the Republican Machine Karl Rove.

Maybe some folks need to be real and keep it freaky.

Rest in Peace: Comedian Nyundo Wa Komeo (Francis Abina Madieka) who is being buried in Budalangi, Busia District this weekend. He appeared on national tv shows like Kinyonga, Vitimbi and Wingu la Moto.

Morale, Freaks.



Omni said...

Hello from the USA!! :-)

Girl next door said...

I just checked out Sam Oendo's page and "Najitahidi" is impressive. I like the sound.
I was thinking about going to check out Borat, but I've seen some gross scenes in the previews. I heard it's supposed to be funny.
2-faced religious leaders have always been among us. But they're rarely exposed to the world. This should be a lesson to the others who are still laying low.
Condolences to the family of the deceased comedian.

Sue said...

Religious leaders have been a song now for quite q while...why dont they all just be real as in for the celibate to be uncelibate..and the gay to just come up and be gay....we had enuff..yeah?

makanga said...

@ Girl next door: I'm hoping this jamaa will go far, definitely 'Najitahidi' is a good effort.

Nyundo was that dude!

@Sue & GND: Preach water, ban wine and then get caught drinking changaa...sad state of affairs

Stwap said...

That niggaspace site is cool with me!
and u post on real issues, thanks men!
May that brotha resi in piece, I love comedy an it pains me when one em leaves us!!

ciiku said...

Wait, I just saw this post. U did not think Borat was funny?


And how dare you compare it to Jackass???

makanga said...

@ Buffie Buff: I put both sets in the same box because they are both over-dumb.