Friday, August 11, 2006

Freeky Furahiday: part deuce

So it's been wild in blogville the past few days. More political drama at home with rumors of a snap election, explosives in bottles in the UK, bigotry against a young black man in SA and that dark/light skin vybe.

The current conflict in the Middle East is to some extent a proxy war: US/West behind Israel and Iran/Syria behind Hezbollah. At least that what it looks like. No one is talking about the new superpower on the come-up.
China. Makes you wonder if they're just quiet spectators.

Take heart Archer. And please don't fall for that 'I wish I didn't venture outside' mess. So what, like Mobb Deep said a long time ago, it's a war going on outside.

Most of us who creep behind enemy lines (aka you're not in the Jamhuri) have experienced something of the sort. When you ingia a bar and the place goes quiet like when the bad guys stroll into a saloon in a cowboy flick. Then they're double checking ID, they won't let you start a tab and generally wait to pick on something petty to toss you out. Like if a song comes on and someone in the crew seems to be overenjoying himself/herself. Ati you're making the "other" clients "uncomfortable." It's like we missed the "Shhh! Yoga class" sign on the way in.

Well one time a few years ago a friend of mine was tossed down a long flight of stars at a major club in a downtown area for looking at a white bouncer funny. I'm saying, if your kisogo is shaped ka corner ya njugu karanga, and then it's stuck to the body of a buffalo, what do you expect? This is why I prefer rolling deep to nighspots that are not necessarily "black hangouts" because we hopped on that bouncer and rode his ass (no homo) down the stairs after my friend. Sure, there was a disturbing the peace charge involved because this was downtown, there were police everywhere. But at least the message had been sent to Mr. Odiero with 'roid-rage and Black hate, and on some level we had upheld our dignity.

Civil Group actions especially in the States have turned to farces, an opportunity for certain leaders to grab the spotlight. The biggest issue with the NAACP has been that G.W. Bush had been dissing them since 2000 for not
showing up to their conventions. Why do they need him to show up so badly? Meanwhile the Voting Act in the US is not permanent. Bush just recently extended the right to vote by another 25 years. How come voting is not an automatic right for ethnic minorities and ex-cons? Meanwhile, there are all kinds of young men shot dead by police under dubious circumstances where I'm at, and their own mothers do more than the NAACP or the Urban League or any other civil groups in the quest for justice. Around here, the Urban League jamaas are known for being big ballers more than anything else.

And as far as the dark skin/light skin definition of beauty I'm going to let that pass for now. Acolyte thanks for spreading the word on the disgrace asian women are put through in the human hair trade.

It's a big Jamaican Parade weekend out here. I will be backstage at the Afro-Caribbean Festival with my bade. And these jamaas too. All work and all play, it's time to promote heavily mitaani and network.

A chill Members day and weekend, au sio?

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