Thursday, August 10, 2006

TV interviews, weaves & gangsters

So after the heatwaves of a few weeks past, things got popping. August is always a month with mob plot where I'm at. Chalk it up to the Caribbean festivities that heat up all the way into early September. I figure people also realize there is one more month of true sunshine and leisure left, and so go all out to enjoy themselves. The macks come out in full effect. I heard Toronto's Karibana Festival was a blast. I didn't fika, I was at big african picnic. It's always a blessing to go to these things in the summer. All kinds of dressed up (and dressed down) bodacious mamas to keep things exciting.

So they are still warring in Middle East. A lot of what is on TV is carefully crafted propaganda, but check out how George Galloway airs out a SKY News anchor about the whole situation. Hilarious.

Also check out this article that puts more perspective on the current conflict.

To my ladies who feel like having long hair is the only way to look fly, check out what really goes down to those asian women that supply that highly expensive human hair, not that "made in India stuff."

Denzel's new movie, "American Gangster" is based on this jamaa. It's kind of a long read, pole. Forget the movie, we need a book.



acolyte said...

I always dislike weaves (false advertising) but that link made my dislike for them so so much stronger!

Rista said...

that galloway clip is hilarious! thanks for that link :))

Half 'n' half said...

The Galloway clip was hard hitting (and deliciously rude). Weaves should actually be banned. blame miss world contests

makanga said...

Thanks for visiting y'all

@ Rista & Half Kenya: that clip get to me every time.

@ Acolyte, I see you're spreading the word. The fact that one's beauty can be derived from the loss of another's is the highest from of capitalism at work, yes, but it is still rotten.

And yeah negro sistas need to drop these barbie doll ambitions and realize who they are and that there are jamaas who appreciate more african forms of flyness.