Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's so hard to say Goodbye...

....Way easier and more sumptuous to say hello.


It's been an extended minute. I mean, the last entry had Frank Lucas in it, written from deep in the G.W. Bush Dark Days. I hope the intervening period was blessed.

It wasn't without a grandiose ruckus that I walked away from these climes. Belee dat. Kicking and screaming, slugging and slapping. In the end, they say sometimes Life gives you lemons, and therefore, lemonade is on tap. In my goblet however, was a nice piece of hot vinegar. But if it won't kill, it will build. Praise Due to Him for Graces, Mercies and Learning both collasal and minute.

But I wasn't going to come around without a gift.

Available for download now, a brand new mixtape from Massachusetts-based, Kumasi, Ghana Godchild and a long time collaborator Smalls.

A.D.D. Afrikan. Dun. Did-It.

The concept was a long time in the making but with the recent ascension of the Son of Kogelo it might seem extremely timely or extremely opportunistic. Commemorative plate anyone?

That whole Inaguration souvenir cottage industry must be crying now that the historic hoopla is done with. Personally, I'd love to see it go on. Say, for example, he gets the $0.8 trillion fix-me-up through the House intact, these guys should make commemorative knife. Free healthcare, a bowl. Lobby reform, a spoon. Iraq withdrawal, champagne flutes. And then bring it all together with dinner napkins emblazoned with G.W. boarding that Marine helicopter to oblivion. In this manner, in 4 years they could have a commemorative dinner set and, then they would really cake it if he scores a do-over in 2012.

Minus my 7% consulting fee, of course.

Hopefully there's something for you on A.D.D. It feels good to break the drought.

Bon apetit.



Anonymous said...

welcome back, will peep the mixtape...


Anonymous said...

Thanks bruh

Rap Music said...

Welcome back!

Hip hop Honeys said...

welcome back

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welcome back, will peep the mixtape...