Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hot outside, ebooks, 10,000 Watts & Drumming

A goody goody salute to you.

When it gets hot outside, it really gets hot outside. The young boys here go berserk with the deading. But there's nothing like a little perspective for that ass. Recent Mungiki vs. Police killings make Northeast Gutter City pop-off Shenanigans seem like an episode of Fraggle Rock. Who was down with Fraggle Rock? Yeah you know me! Leo Faya had a Buru Reminisce Piece that you may want to feel out. I might just be down for a back-in-the-day version of my own, like Faya said, before the dementia sets in. Some people never need worry.

Speaking of which, American Football has a case to answer as far as depression, dementia and general brain damage is concerned. I always knew there was trouble with those blunt hits.

Big up to my brother Sultan on the alert. The EA Standard had a piece this weekend about the cut-throat turf wars on the K.E. entertainment scene. On all levels, from Event Hosts to Bouncers. Pretty soon, even the bartenders are going to get in on it. The very interesting thing to me is that D.S. Njoroge is the go-to guy for all the big international shows, which I suspect is because of his well known 10,000 watt sound system. (I'm ashamed he ok'd Ja Rule... Richie Spice....more like it. Most definitely worth it to see that Dread live at least once in your life). Still, no new pretenders in the Biggest Sound in K.E. race?

It's a beautiful thing...when Namibia comes to Nairobi and falls. Now, they can nail up a new scalp at the RFUEA grounds with Morocco doing that now-dead Motorbike dance move formerly dearly beloved by my bredren Msanii....Going Dooowwn.

With ODM not finding a suitable Flag Bearer at this point in the game is telling. Raila is already looking to 2012! But that doesn't mean ODM is done with. Peep Alexcia's reasons. All the same, a stalemate now only means someone will end up being frustrated late in the game, and not entirely willing to yum up on the humble pie, and bail.

Nuff Respect to Akiey, who is grinding heavy in the Midwest, currently pitching a Barack Obama ebook, Best Speeches of Barack Obama, available for free download for a limited time. With New York City Mayor and I-don't-need-your-guap-rich billionaire Michael Bloomberg almost throwing his hat in the ring, the leading candidates on the both the Democrat and Republican sides must make their cases known before this turns into another year 2000 type fiasco, where the Dems were left baying for spoiler Ralph Nader's blood, as Ross Perot is back in a flashy NYC format.

Who didn't see this coming: he's portrayed God already, so what's a little Nelson Mandela going to do for him? Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela in a recollection of SA's 1995 Rugby World Cup triumph. Coming soon, White and Blacks united under one banner... White America will shed a tear. Wait...wasn't there only one black player on the 1995 Springboks? Chester Williams, I believe? Jonah Lomu. What a beast he was in that tournament. The memorable mismatch I recall was the one with those tiny Japanese team peeps trying to hold on to their dignity as Lomu trod them underfoot.

So what do I does on a fly Sato night like this one? The truth, I'm heavy in the lab, cooking up some new heat. No bashdowns tonight. The time hasn't arrived for me to speak on what's on the horizon. Still, the dirty work must get done, Monday to Sunday. Break time is over. Must go find my 808 kit and get busy. Thankfully the team is present and it's riot in here. I wouldn't prefer it otherwise.




Antoine said...

Heh! A serious conundrum here! Heheheh,and the way its flowing is jus linking enuff! Btw,read somewhea dat Lomu cud be making comeback this years world cup!

alexcia said...

Thanks for the heads up.
Nice roundup

betty said...

marking the position..lemmie finish reading-got lost somewhere.

Klara said...

Love this mbaka ma links! Great round-Up! Am still wishin Obama all da best! :=)

Leo Faya said...

I thought about linking you back to complete the links.. then I was like... ehh nah you already done enough..

Interesting post.. Wazi..!! and thanks for the big up.

modo reminiscing said...

FRAGGLE ROCK rocked! aw man, that thing was tight, AUUU!

morocco, namibia....sweet!

akiey said...

What's up & what's good in the CT?
I too was a die-hard fan of Fraggle Rock as a kid & I remember dashing home after school to catch those Thursday evening episodes PLUS I still sing the theme song like it's yesterday.

Thanks for the big up. You know hustling is what makes the world go round, right? More great stuff coming up in a few days. Stay tuned.
Can tell you too got many rods in the fire. Keep us posted.

Mayor Bloomberg amazes me. He's used his guap & political clout in the best of ways. Made NYC a great place.

Freeman as Mandela, that's a must see. Will keep checking for updates.