Thursday, May 10, 2007

Planes, Hoops & Kisha

RIP to the KQ 507 Flight Victims.

But unfortunately, the Blame Game begins. Apparently even KQ isn't sure which pilot was in charge of the plane, a 20 year veteran or a 24 year old young blood. Reminds me of a recent trip where I saw two pilots in NY's JFK Airport looking at the departure screens trying to find the flight number for the plane they were supposed to be flying. You'd think they had been briefed before they even got to the airport. I was glad not to be on their plane.

The NBA Playoffs? More like a soap opera.

If you are missing the drama in the Western Conference NBA Playoffs, jump on the bandwagon. The first round Golden State Warriors - Dallas Mavericks series may have been the most entertaining hoops since the end of the Jordan era, and I mean when he retired the first time. Beat Em Down Jackson, Matt Barnes, BD, and Jason Richardson...stealing that first game in Dallas was magnificent. I was rooting for Denver too but they're going to need a third threat, or a deeper bench. I feel bad for the talented but young Chicago...Detroit is going to embarrass them. Lebron could finally put a respectable notch on his belt if the Cavaliers take New Jersey's scalp. The only hum drum thing about this year's playoffs: The play of the San Antonio Spurs. Their clinical not so exciting style may win them another championship at the expense of the high flying up-tempo Phoenix team. And the Utah Jazz may kill Golden State's Cinderella Story in it's second act.

And condolences also go out to the Chelsea folks. Big bad Man U happened.

American Idol's most recent reject, LaKisha Jones is the next Jennifer Hudson. She's not Melinda Doolittle, but she still has a powerful built-for-soul voice, sounding like wholesome Sunday cooking. Warm, righteous and filling. The way she killed that Whitney Houston song
I Have Nothing early in the game was ridiculous. Then how she blessed God Bless the Child? She better be signed already.

I'm going to apologize... I had intentions of posting up some brand new music for y'all but I'm time barred right now. I'mma have to keep this Badu to myself.




Half 'n' half said...

Now you have gone and spoilt my day! I loved Lakisha and didnt know she had been chucked! Racist people!

YEAH big up to man u

Klara said...

RIP to them too! My heart goes to their families...What a sad way to lose a dear one..
And da blame game saxs
Poleni Chelsea...

msanii said...

Whats goody!..

these off's are crazy, Loving every moment of it. And utah gets their lunch money taken tonight.

is this the madlib/badu leakage?

Movie Buff said...

Its not racism 1/2 and 1/2. Two of the three people left are black. Chile just wasnt cutting it!

@ Makanga... si u drop those Erykah tracks in my inbox.

Half 'n' half said...

@ MB:In kenyan fashion I have to blame someone!

Oh makanga: si I have tagged you

modoathii said...

nimekuwa kwa ndai for long mpaka nikahata hii mat ya yours...naona pia haiko routii...

sijui nicomment what coz mingi ni predicted bulls waliwashwa, woiye! and reverse that poor man u, chelsea also happened.